Expensive NBC? If Apple’s serious with Apple TV+, it needs to shed the ‘clean’ image

“If it’s true that Apple is aiming for ‘family-friendly’ material across most of its Apple TV+ shows, it may be fighting the streaming video wars with one arm tied behind its back,” Roger Fingas writes for AppleInsider.

“There have been multiple reports of Apple wielding a heavy hand in content, insisting that creators stay within certain bounds when it comes to sex and violence. Even CEO Tim Cook has become involved, despite no experience in film or TV, supposedly writing things like ‘don’t be so mean!’ in notes,” Fingas writes. “The company is additionally said to be putting the kibosh on storylines that criticize technology, so there’ll be no equivalent of ‘Black Mirror,’ regardless of the artistic views of writers and directors.”

“The obvious reference point is HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ now in its final season. The show sometimes features graphic sex and violence, enough that even fans can be disgusted. Yet it’s arguably the most popular TV show in the world, a huge moneymaker with tons of merchandise, cultural landmarks, and upcoming spinoffs. Other ‘mean’ shows are institutions too — ‘The Walking Dead’ for instance, and yes, ‘Black Mirror,'” Fingas writes. “Apple’s policies simply fly in the face of broader trends in the TV industry, which is a problem when you’re asking people to pay a monthly fee.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re not convinced the reports of Apple brass giving notes, etc. are firmly rooted in fact. Hollywood is notorious for using the media to negotiate, for revenge, etc.

Apple has purchased an adaptation of an Israeli show called “Nevelot,” which translates directly to “Bastards,” that features violence and adult themes.

There’s nothing like two vets going on a millennial killing spree to nuke the idea that Apple is only pursuing milquetoast family fare.MacDailyNews, December 6, 2018

In March, Howard Gordon, showrunner for the hit TV show “24,” co-creator of ‘Homeland,” and who sold “Nevelot” to Apple said of the company’s executives, “They were fairly adamant that it would not be a problem.”

Mark our words: Apple TV+ has the makings of a hit service written all over it.

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    1. In content other than the BBC or the Nordic region, Disney is number one by far. And I still think Apple is wasting it’s focus and time with content it is low low margin.

    2. Exactly… I couldn’t disagree with “porn it up!” Any more than I can now. HBO, and wanna-be Netflix can go smut it up. I won’t buy Apple TV + (or ok dump it) if Apple goes that route.

      1. Ever hear of parental controls?
        They work for you also if it’s not your thing.

        Do you subscribe to Apple Music?
        If this is true about Tim Cook’s heavy hand on ‘clean’ and not mean content, he is the biggest hypocrite in the world given the lyrics on the most hyped and pushed genre of music on Apple Music

        1. Porn ain’t healthy for parents either. And most of the time, sex is just added to suck you in. Look at YouTube thumbnails, for proof of that.

  1. Sounds like of all the streaming services, the least appealing will be Apple’s. They definitely wouldn’t show stuff like the DC Comics network has been showing.

    They’ve apparently got some new Oprah Interview series. Enough of Oprah. There are other far more interesting “black women.” How about Candace Owens?

        1. “whacky token commenter” is WAY too kind sir. He is the long time village idiot around here and totally disrespectful of anyone that disagrees or challenges his posts as you recently found out.

          History as a guide before he was banned for years, sure as the sun comes up, will not stop until he childishly has the last word. I guess to convince a deranged mind he actually won something. For example his response to you, “Another mindless wannabe CitizenX.” HA! 😂😂😂😂😂

          Yup, prove positive of derangement syndrome. He is not worth one nano-second of my time and prefer intelligent repartee with others…

        2. awwww is your boyfriend buttwipe back in siberia. feeling left out and still trying to find something to parrot snot gob.

          you can go back to sleep now.

    1. Do you mean the Candace Owens who told Congress that white nationalists aren’t a threat to anyone and that “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay fine. The problem is he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize.”

        1. Nobody who supports Trump is amazing… the traitorous, half-senile liar-in-chief, completly surrounded by hypocrisy and corruption… well on the way to dismantling democracy in America while almost the whole of the Republican party support it all.

          And don’t give me, “No collusion”. There was visible collusion everywhere. And then constant lying. Who lies unless they think they have done something wrong. The only question is whether it is CRIMINAL collusion.

          If Obama or Clinton had done a hundredth of what this guy has pulled, they’d be run out of town. Even Nixon is a Sunday-school teacher compared to this piece of garbage.

        2. sean, i’m just going to be blunt, you’re delusional. and your drivel is all visceral, no reason. this is the big problem with the USA, so many on the left side just throw stones. personally, i don’t think trump is a great human being, many don’t, he just happens to be the right person at the right time.

        3. If there’s a record for “record shallowness” it is Sean. Low energy Sean, Fake News Sean.

        4. Please explain how quoting someone’s own words from a widely available unedited video is either “dishonest” or “a smear.” She said it, and I haven’t heard her apologize for it (as distinct from trying to explain it away).

          Next you’ll be claiming that Our President never suggested that he could grab women by their genitals without facing consequences, or that he fired Comey because of “the Russia thing,” or that there are some Nazis and white supremicists who are good people. The truth hurts sometimes.

        5. you mischaracterize her meaning which, to most, was obvious and, reasonable. partisans who desire so much to confirm their own bias do this sort of thing, by omission, mischaracterization, reshaping context, etc.

        1. Are you saying that she didn’t say exactly what I quoted? If she did, it is not a lie. Just because a fact is embarrassing to the President or his supporters does not make it fake news

    2. Of course, Candace Owens is infinitely more interesting than Oprah Winfrey, but she speaks far too much truth for a company led by deluded Dem/Lib/Progs. They’d never do it.

      1. The only black people the Democrat Party love are those who blindly vote for them in lockstep. Democrats never have to actually do anything for them because the black vote is assured. Oh, wait, they also love black people who are dependent on them for a check.

        Democrats do not like free-thinking black people. They will demonize them as if they were the love children of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. If black people ever woke up en masse, no Democrat could get elected dog catcher.

        The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

        In closing: Under President Trump, African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans have seen lowest unemployment rates ever recorded.

        1. Now Sparkles. Facts are inconvenient.

          Don’t you know that if you climb 49 feet up a 50 foot ladder and jump the last foot, you can claim to have jumped 50 feet.

          Where have you been?

        2. Hey ignorant truth. Will my check from the Democrat Party (not even an effective insult) come with my check from Soros? I’n still waiting.
          Oh wait . You are just blowing your ignorance out of your ass.

  2. And for this weeks episode of “Spicy Vanilla” we have a particularly steamy episode. We will be discussing the subtleties of which is more appropriate… the landscape or portrait modes of the notch!

  3. re Game of Thrones: “Yet it’s arguably the most popular TV show in the world”

    Yes – and there are immense numbers of people who watch pornography.

    Neither statement means Apple must include such programming to be successful.

    1. They clearly let the market decide when it comes to Apple Music, the most hyped and pushed genre of music on their service has the most egregious and offensive language on the planet, yet it creates a ton of revenue. Let the market decide.

  4. Unless Apple spawns a major hit in its first year – it’s all over. I’m hedging against it. Would Apple have commissioned GoT? Not a chance. Yet that is what they need. A killer show.

    1. Imagine how vanilla, politically correct, yet historically inaccurate an Apple GoT would be.
      It’s quite probable that Apple TV streaming will be more biased and historically inaccurate then Apple News.

        1. The war of the roses TX, use what few brain cells you have and go and butter up your bosom buddy Shyttezen X

        2. I particularly how impressed everyone was in history class at learning how Henry VII and his Dothraki horde marched onto Bosworth Field and conquered all while Richard III was offering to trade his kingdom for an Ice Giant.

        3. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘historical’ fiction series on STARZ. The White Queen, The Spanish Princess, Pillars of the earth. Cool stuff. Most are set in the 13th, 14th, 15th century.
          I always loved history. The Tudors on HBO was a good one.
          And yes I know they are fiction, haters.

  5. Apple has no idea how to run a broadcast media business. this will be a huge failure for them. They should have purchased Fox or someone else when they had the chance, and had them run it for them.

    Anything good on Apple TV will be pirated heavily, as the apple tv apps are garbage, and watching it on an iphone is stupid. so the vast majority of the view public who own anything but an apptetv, and mostly PC media centers are not going to subscribe to this DOA walled garden.

        1. Damn. I ‘broadcast’ grass seeds on my lawn. I broadcast across the street to have my kids go home.
          I guess you really don’t understand what ‘broadcast’ means in this context.
          Not my problem idiot. Go crawl back up your ass.

        2. Broadcast media refers to primarily television and radio, although broadcasting companies have expanded to offer digital offerings including media streaming applications and other robust web-based offerings.

          Whether you are intelligent enough to understand it or not the key to that prior paragraph relates to over the air broadcast. I guess in your simple mind, HULU is a broadcast company.

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