Apple’s original content production reportedly marred by ‘intrusive’ execs, including Tim Cook

“Apple’s push into Hollywood is off to a rough start — thanks in part to ‘intrusive’ tech executives, including Tim Cook, The Post has learned,” Alexandra Steigrad and Nicolas Vega report for The New York Post. “As the company’s streaming project gets ready for launch, agents and producers can’t stop griping about how ‘difficult’ Apple is to deal with — citing a ‘lack of transparency,’ ‘lack of clarity’ and ‘intrusive’ executives, including CEO Cook.”

“One of the biggest complaints involves the many ‘notes’ from Apple executives seeking family-friendly shows, sources said,” Steigrad and Vega report. “‘Tim Cook is giving notes and getting involved,’ said a producer who has worked with Apple. One of the CEO’s most repeated notes is ‘don’t be so mean!,’ the source said… Apple’s nitpicking over content and technology has led to delays, sources said.”

“The streaming service is widely expected to be unveiled this month, but the final product won’t likely be available to consumers before the end of the year — and it will offer just a handful of the several dozen shows it has in the works, sources said,” Steigrad and Vega report. “Cook, 58, has been public about wanting family-friendly content, but insiders say the tech giant has also passed on storylines because they are about potentially controversial topics, like religion or the negative consequences of technology. ‘They want a positive view of technology,’ the producer noted.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There will be a clash of cultures between Silicon Valley and Hollywood and, guaranteed, not every project will be a hit. Some won’t even work at all.

There will be many growing pains. Complaints will be aired through the gossip channels as per usual with Hollywood.

Directors, writers, etc. generally prefer to be left alone to work, so getting notes from a tech CEO will naturally be grating. He is, of course, also approving the issuance of their checks. The balance between Apple and content producers will have to be found – seemingly via public leaks, unfortunately.

One hit, certainly not guaranteed, is really all Apple needs to start the service off right.

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    1. How rude of Apple to pay the bills and request quality entertainment that is not reliant on sensational crap, sex, drugs, perverts, and other staples of modern Hollywood.

      1. “perverts”
        Hopefully you’re not referring to sexual orientation or gender identity. Its perfectly normal for a man to become a woman or something else; and to have a man as his wife.

        Examples are everywhere from corporate CFO’s, the military, politicians, etc. If you disagree, you need “sensitivity training.”

      2. If Apple thinks they are going to sign anyone for Family TV they are sadly mistaken. Disney has a lock on that and will be able to charge a pretty penny for it. There won’t be anything left in the family budget for Apple after Disney is done.

        No edge = hopeless waste of time and money.

    2. Yup !.. and
      I have posted this video several times before for exactly for the reason you mentioned…..
      The twist is that Apple has gone from mocking the big brother to being the big brother.. ..ironic and f-ed up ! ( and no this is not a Tim Cook thing.. it is an Apple thing from before Tim’s times )

      Tim, hope you are paying attention !

    1. We know exactly what Steve would have done because he did it. He found a struggling animation house with revolutionary technology but no business plan, bought it for a song, and turned it into a world-class film studio.

      I am pessimistic that Apple’s nonviolence, sexless Disneyland content will be appealing. But we’ll see.

      eWorld flop died because nobody wanted Apple’s support gestapo watching for F-bombs and innuendo, banning the users with the most interesting contribution, and generally missing the point of its own undertaking. But that was 25 years ago. Apple is a different company now. Again, we’ll see.

  1. I have an example of wonderful content that was loved the world over, it is my magnum opus as an artist, my proudest moment, a vision of clarity into my mind’s eye. I still cannot understand why Apple wasn’t interested!

  2. Tim Cook likes to say at Product Keynotes, “It’s in our DNA”.

    Creating pop culture TV shows and movies is not in Apple’s DNA. Anything beyond creative bundling of other people’s content will not go well for Apple. It’s leftist political correctness and censorship tendencies combined with a tendency to tell creators what to do will doom the exercise. I hope they stick to bundling, which could be a very big win.

    1. More politically correct social justice programming. Just what the world needs more of! I’m waiting for the remake of ‘Dirty Harry’ as a gender fluid, sensitive social activist demanding quota appointments to reflect his community’s diversity.

      1. Exactly. Clint Eastwood would be persona non grata. The Sopranos – no way. Breaking Bad – drugs and violence. Dexter, yeah right. I can see that “pitch meeting”. The Wire – if they agreed to make all the drug dealers white males, maybe. And eliminate the drugs.

        1. You’re sooo right. I see a plot marred by the interjection of social issues when it’s not inherently critical to the story…I stop watching. Happens so often these days.

        2. Well, they may suck but they made hundreds of million of dollars and made Netflix what it is today. A hugely overvalued company. While Apple is hugely undervalued. By the way, most TV watchers find these shows to be among the best.

        3. Breaking Bad was made by AMC. The Sopranos was made by HBO. Dexter was made by Showtime. These shows each lasted about 8 years. Each made hundreds of millions of dollars in the original rollout plus all the royalties since then. Netflix bought the rights Dexter and Breaking Bad early in the rapid growth phase and these shows helped them build massive subscriber bases. So, if Apple wants to do content creation it will have to compete with HBO, STARZ, AMC and distribution companies like Netflix which also produces content. Apple is the one saying they plan to get into this. I didn’t comment on Netflix earnings. I said the stock is valued way higher than Apple. I don’t have time to explain PE ratios to you.

        4. So true. Simpson’s and Married with Children helped make the underdog at the time Fox the huge TV name it is today. Neither show of which would pass Apple’s filter.

  3. Nothing surprises me.
    I have encountered more than a few articles about Tim Cook’s attitude in negotiations with 3rd parties (mostly in an acquisition area so far). He is apparently ruthless, cheap, petty, greedy and very arrogant to the point they repelled the other side. I can believe it. Fine, Apple or any other corporation is in a charity business but I can imagine that Apple (and/or Cook) always takes the attitude of them being the customer (My way or the highway), not seeking a fair, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship. It appears to be a pattern. Mix it with Cook’s SJW bias and you know what is going to happen with people like creators in Holywood.
    Hope it’s a bias by these articles, which I tend to believe.

    1. I image it’s possible to exchange the words describing Tim’s negotiations with Jobs. The difference is Steve had a manner about him that enticed the other party, and or, enabled them to see the mutual benefit.

  4. I believe Cook in particular is enamored with the entertainment industry. Far more so than with the technology world. It’s a cultural and ideological environment that he just can’t wait to be a part of. Sipping cocktails and seeing and being seen with the “right” glitterati vs getting that new MacPro out? You know where his interest will be.

    1. By the way Apple appears to bee ‘neutering’ the creative direction of the new video content creators, Tim may just end up hanging with the cast of Sesame Street and Masterpiece Theatre instead.

  5. Apple thinks it’s Walt Disney and needs to worry about their “image” even with entertainment. Even Disney has a way around creating content wide audience interests. They simply need to separate more adult content from family shows clearly on their Apple TV app with parental lockouts if needed.

    Interfere with creatives and suffer the banal content and low rated consequences.

  6. First it was the new campus taking everyone’s time, now it’s playing movie producer/director. Angela Ahrendts saw the writing on the wall and bailed before Cook, et al, sink the Titanic. No wonder so many poor decisions lately. The user experience feels exactly like I would expect it to feel if Apple were run by people with ADD. Effectively, it is!

  7. No surprise. You should hear some of the stories from Amazon Studios. A producer friend of mine was working on a show and got so sick of the ignorant intrusions by Amazon execs, he quit. They begged him to come back, which he did, just to fire him at the end of his first day back so they could say they fired him instead of him having the moral satisfaction of quiting over their unprofessional behavior.

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