Apple warns employees about leaking secrets, says company caught and fired 29 leakers last year, 12 of whom were arrested

“Apple Inc. warned employees to stop leaking internal information on future plans and raised the specter of potential legal action and criminal charges, one of the most-aggressive moves by the world’s largest technology company to control information about its activities,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “”

“The Cupertino, California-based company said in a lengthy memo posted to its internal blog that it ‘caught 29 leakers,’ last year and noted that 12 of those were arrested,” Gurman reports. “These people not only lose their jobs, they can face extreme difficulty finding employment elsewhere,” Apple added.”

“Apple outlined situations in which information was leaked to the media, including a meeting earlier this year where Apple’s software engineering head Craig Federighi told employees that some planned iPhone software features would be delayed,” Gurman reports. “In 2012, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook pledged to double down on keeping the company’s work under wraps… In 2017, Apple held a confidential meeting with employees in another bid to stop leaks.”

Read more, including the full memo, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis ironic indeed that Apple’s latest “no leaks” memo was promptly leaked in its entirety.

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        1. Point being, work done by the President, all work, is the property of the American people, though disclosure to their successor is what’s normal for truly secret stuff. Whether there’s evidence proving the President a putz is not protected info… 🙂

        2. 33 one-star votes courtesy of banned Citizen X who “Liked” the next post from Applecynic.

          To all those that gave me grief in the past and naively believe votes are not FAKE, and not MANUPILATED according to specific avatar names, gleefully — I REST ME CASE!

          And to the lurking MDN PLAGUE POS banned Citizen X — pay attention— you mean NOTHING … 🖕😆

    1. Regarding the location and power of nuclear submarines, keep it under wraps. Regarding the hare-brained ego-driven machinations of an utter twit, leak away.

      1. Well, how many “utter twit” do you know that ran for political office for the first time, besting 16 professional Republican primary candidates, moving on to defeat the Hillary juggernaut with a record warchest of billions spent, and also the runaway front runner in the polls and media with an 80%+ chance of winning.

        Giving credit where credit is due, obviously, you have not thought this through …

        1. 70 two-star votes for speaking the TRUTH. And we wonder what is wrong in the world. Citizen X try as you might, enough folks voted for the truth and one-star became impossible. Better luck next time …

            1. You are missing the big picture of what is going on HERE if you read all my posts today.

              Both Botman and I called out Citizen X in the past after he bragged about managing 50 computers on a daily basis. We suspect he scurries from computer to computer dumping cookies and manipulating star voting here.

              It is what it is …

      2. Curious contradiction:

        The White House tweets almost every day about how information leaks from inside government are ruining our country.

        Today, the White House announced a presidential pardon (only the third under this Administration, out of over 2000 pending applications) to somebody convicted of leaking classified information and lying about it under oath.

        1. Curious contradictions, indeed.

          Obviously you are aware of the last minute leaving office pardons of despicable characters in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

          You selectively forgot to mention that, as usual …

          1. The Grant, Garfield, and Harding Administrations were corrupt, too. Why didn’t I mention that?

            It wasn’t relevant. People go to jail, or get de-elected, for their own conduct, not that of anyone else.

            1. “It wasn’t relevant.”

              To you, exactly right. You are only interested in degrading President Trump. That’s why you have no sense of fair play and BALANCE and why you don’t call out Democrats for misdeeds …

          2. which could easily be changed to sum up many posters on this site:

            “To you, exactly right. You are only interested in degrading Apple. That’s why you have no sense of fair play and BALANCE and why you don’t call out any other company for misdeeds …”

            That was shockingly easy to apply your comment to this site and Apple.

    2. Substitute “House and Senate” for “White House”, and it would be more meaningful. Yes, the WH has major problems, but they don’t affect the country like Congress does. (The media about the WH issues is another matter entirely, but only as significant as the useful idiots allow it to be.)

        1. Well, well lookie here another 28 one-star votes from the lurking plague BANNED Citizen X. I usually don’t offer advice to felons, but in your case i’ll make an exception. Heal your hurt and get a life …

    3. I understand losing your job for leaking information. But getting arrested?

      Isn’t violating the terms of your employment contract a civil case — and not a criminal one? Can someone explain that to me?

      1. Not at all muddy waters. Theft of trade secrets and other intellectual property is theft. Theft is a crime. That is true even if the thief doesn’t receive any financial benefit.

        If the unauthorized release of Apple’s proprietary information either harms the company or aids its competitors, that is generally both a civil and criminal matter.

          1. I think the point is that sometimes disclosure and leaking includes actions which are criminal and should be prosecuted. Before you bother replying, I’m not going to reply a second time. I’ve learned.

            1. You amuse me. What did we say differently? I said not necessarily… which also means possibly. You know 3+1 = 4 but so does 1+3=4. Your so profound.

              I was replying to a more absolute comment. Pfft! 🙂

  1. Apple’s problem here is that the leak about delaying certain software products to get it right is nobody’s fault but theirs – the software should have been right in the first place. If they stopped putting out crap software, there would have been “no memo to leak”

    1. And it’s not my fault you left your back door open. If you hadn’t left it open, I wouldn’t have entered your house and taken that money. So it’s really nobody’s fault but yours.

  2. Well, since there are essentially no noteworthy products being released by Tim Cook anymore, he seems to have solved THIS problem himself. Heckuva job Timmy!


    Next Step:
    Tell China: Criminal Nation to get stuffed if they want Apple to provide ANY IP (intellectual property) for the sake of doing business in China.

    We in the USA are INSANE to feed China anything.
    Feed The Beast and It Will BITE You.

  4. Maybe he means leaks about how dysfunctional Apple has become and not product leaks.

    What is there to leak? I know for certain that Apple’s next products will be 20% thinner have 50% less ports and be 20% more expensive. Quick -arrest me!

    Maybe this memo is targeted at Tim, after all he’s to blame for talking about products before they are ready.

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