“It’s one thing when an employee who’s testing a phone prototype gets tipsy and leaves it behind in a bar. That can happen to any company. It might even happen twice,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for CNET. “However, some observers suspect a recent round of leaks reportedly including product names and features of Apple’s new iPhones suggests something more sinister is going on.”

“Influential Apple commentator John Gruber took to his Daring Fireball site on Saturday to suggest these alleged secrets weren’t leaving Cupertino’s very tight security because of carelessness,” Matyszczyk writes. “‘I’m nearly certain this wasn’t a mistake,’ he wrote, ‘but rather a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee.'”

“Many would like to believe this isn’t so,” Matyszczyk writes. “They’d like to hope that this is all part of an elaborate Apple disinformation package, designed to make Tuesday even more of a show. However, if there is some resentful killjoy element lurking within Apple, you can bet the company’s security services will be extremely active in rooting it out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing better than a good mystery!

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