“Steven Troughton-Smith has been analyzing the firmware files and has discovered that the new 4K Apple TV, set to be unveiled officially by Apple tomorrow, will have very powerful internals,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“By digging into the code, he believes the new Apple TV will be powered by an A10X Fusion chip, coupled with 3GB RAM,” Mayo reports. “This represents a big increase in power and may signal a larger direction beyond 4K movies and TV shows.”

“Troughton-Smith notes that the A10 series may have been required to play 4K 60FPS content, which users will be able to shoot with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X,” Mayo reports. “Alongside the announcement of the new hardware tomorrow, it is expected that Apple will announce partnerships with major content providers to form an ecosystem of 4K movies and TV shows to play on Apple TV. This will include selling 4K HDR content in iTunes and getting third-party apps to update to support the new resolution, like Netflix.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Makes sense to make this as powerful as possible, especially if Apple continues with the two-year update cycle.

4K Apple TV streaming requirements and native resolution revealed – September 10, 2017