“Firmware for the as-of-yet unreleased HomePod has provided a wealth of information on the speaker itself and the upcoming iPhone 8, thanks to developers like Steven Troughton-Smith who have spent time digging into the code,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Troughton-Smith has seen no indication that there are features related to under-display Touch ID functionality in the iPhone 8, and he does not believe that such a feature will be included in the device,” Clover reports. “Current information suggests Apple may instead replace Touch ID with a new facial recognition system, and there are indeed several references to infrared face detection in the firmware.”

“According to Troughton-Smith and developer Jeffrey Grossman, there are references to new ‘split’ options for the visual provider system for UIStatusBar, suggesting status bar information like connection strength, battery, Bluetooth, and the time may be displayed on either side of the sensor/camera area,” Clover reports. “Rumors have suggested that while there will be no physical Home button, there could be an on-screen function area that houses a virtual Home button and other controls. Based on what Troughton-Smith says, this virtual area may be able to be hidden for things like full-screen apps and videos.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If there are status indicators on either side of that notch, Apple will have figure out what to do with them when the iPhone is in landscape mode. Also, that “function area” is a better bet than a mere “rumor” as none other than Ming-Chi Kuo stated flatly back in February that the “iPhone 8” would sport a 5.8-inch OLED display offering 5.15-inch of usable screen space with new “function area.” Ming-Chi Kuo also said last month that the OLED iPhone would lack Touch ID.

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