Intel: Qualcomm uses the courts to destroy competition

“Intel has weighed in on the legal sparring between Apple and Qualcomm, accusing the latter of (ab)using the courts to destroy any competition it has,” Sead Fadilpašić reports for BetaNews.

“The American chipmaking company accused Qualcomm of competition squashing on Thursday, issuing a public statement to the US International Trade Commission,” Fadilpašić reports. “‘Qualcomm did not initiate this investigation to stop the alleged infringement of its patent rights; rather, its complaint is a transparent effort to stave off lawful competition from Qualcomm’s only remaining rival,’ Intel said in its statement.”

Intel said, “‘This twisted use of the Commission’s process is just the latest in a long line of anticompetitive strategies that Qualcomm has used to quash incipient and potential competitors and avoid competition on the merits,'” Fadilpašić reports.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s about it in a nutshell.

Qualcomm’s FRAND abuse must not stand. Qualcomm’s licensing scam — charging a percentage of the total cost of all components in the phone, even non-Qualcomm components — is unreasonable, illogical, and irrational.

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    1. Would you listen to yourself? Apple has accumulated how much money in foreign tax havens? Nobody forced Apple to use Qualcom technology. Sounds luke sour grapes from competitors and customers who want discounts.

      So tell me, does Apple offer you a big discount when you buy an aged Mac mini or Airport?

    1. Can a patented technology actually be considered a “standard”?

      These ultra wealthy companies whining that another company can be successful in exploiting the legal monopoly that the patent system is designed to create are total hypocrites. If you don’t like the way patents work, then propose changes to the system.

      1. Again, you don’t seem to have a basic grasp of what’s being litigated. Qualcomm is likely abusing the system, and is not following what’s required for the FRAND standards they legally agreed to follow. They are also collecting royalties twice on one component (Patent exhaustion). This is why there are courts, to settle disagreements in a civilized way.

      2. Oh ‘Realist’. You’re newbie tag is showing. Just pay attention and learn from others please. Go and actually READ about the lawsuits. MDN provides links to the source articles! Go READ them!

        One thing you’ll learn is that this is NOT only about how Qualcomm charges for their patented IP. Another part of the lawsuits is about how Qualcomm charges for IP that is NOT THEIR’S to charge for! This seriously is characteristic of the Mafia.

        1. If Qualcomm didn’t have some special IP, then nobody would continue to buy their products at these high prices.

          The mafia analogy is bs because the mafia makes its money via extortion and illegal activities. What does that remotely have to do with a premium company that charges premium prices? You fan boys celebrate when Apple gets rich from charging lots for products that aren’t always cutting edge. Realist is a lot closer to the truth that you.

          1. I think you and Realistic should follow my previous advice about these lawsuits. I’m not the font of knowledge here. I’m just hearsay. I stick to my exact points and my simile, which I didn’t invent.

            I am indeed an Apple fanatic because I don’t know anyone who makes better products in their field. I’m also a rabid Apple critic when they screw up. That combination is entirely typical of Apple fanatics. Go read some history about us.

            No shoo and go read about the Qualcomm lawsuits in detail. Qualcomm is going to lose. They haven’t a toenail to stand on.

  1. Qualcomm, you got what I need but you say he’s just a friend
    And you say he’s just a frand, oh Qualcomm
    You, you got what I need but you say he’s just a Frand
    But you say he’s just a Frand, oh baby…

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