Apple said to be entering trial production of all 2017 iPhone models, iPhone 8 ‘not delayed’

“While a handful of reports and analysts have indicated the iPhone 8 won’t launch as scheduled this year due to production difficulties, Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin today claims that the device is not delayed and has recently entered trial production,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac.

“In a tweet, Geskin quoted his source as saying all three new 2017 iPhone models have begun trial production, including the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8,” Miller reports. “The source, out of the Zhengzhou Foxconn planet, says they are currently producing about 200 units per day.”

“One thing to note is that making 200 units per day by no means indicates mass production,” Miller reports. “Apple generally ramps production slowly in the lead up to the September release, and a lot could change before Apple begins manufacturing hundreds of thousands of units.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the trials go well and production can be ramped ASAP because Apple’s going to sell every unit that can be assembled!

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  1. I just have to wonder if analysts are basically stupid or are they deliberately trying to mislead potential Apple investors. It’s really so frustrating to have to listen to all these advanced reports that are so widely varied. There’s really no need for any of it. It’s really sad if most of those people reporting are nothing but liars.

    1. Analcysts work for brokrage firms… they could not care less for you and me..
      their job is to manipulate what they can to server their firms and their own agendas and interests…

    1. If journalists did their job properly, they would mention previous predictions and rumours coming from any analysts that they quote.

      When you’ve been following and investing in AAPL for a few years you notice that there are certain rumours that appear regularly. You’ll also notice that some analysts are more wrong than others. In the next couple of months we’ll see all the usual rumours about imagined difficulties with the next model, then once it goes on sale there will be speculation about it not selling as well as expected, which won’t be the case when Apple releases actual sales figures and just before Christmas ominous reports will state that component orders have been cut which proves what a flop it is. The reality is that orders are cut at that time every year because the factories will be shut down for the Chinese New Year holiday and you don’t need so many components when the factory is temporarily closed.

      1. Great post Alanaudio. I’ve held strong in this stock since 2001. I’ve seen a vast amount of manipulation from these clowns, aka analyst. One thing for everyone to remember is, “Apple doesn’t talk about future products”, if I had a nickle for every time I heard that I would compliment my AAPL profits substantially.
        These clowns have an agenda and a simple rumor will successfully shake out a retail trader, as we have seen time and time again.
        Jim Cramer had a segment a while back about how spreading a simple rumor at his hedge fund would cause turmoil and its safe to say it is commonplace, as I have seen time and time again.
        Now I will quote Jim, and with string conviction, “BUY AAPLE, DINT TRADE IT”

        1. Some of these regular fluctuations are predictable and I’ve often sold or bought at times when I felt that the price was likely to drop and then regain it’s previous level soon after.

          There is often a cycle of rising prices in the run up to financial results and then a drop straight after, often as a result of a lot of hysteria about nothing. The same thing often happens when new iPhones are launched. I’ve frequently sold a lot of shares at a good price in anticipation of a temporary drop and then a week or two later used that money to buy a significantly greater number of shares than I sold.

          I’m really saddened that some analysts keep peddling the same nonsense every year, but don’t get called out on it. Unreliable sources should be discouraged and their lies should be exposed and highlighted. If you know that a source is unreliable, you don’t take it seriously, even when it is published in a reputable publication.

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