Apple may be converting Mac Pro from a dead-end vanity project to a serious powerhouse

“In 2008, the venerable cheese grater Mac Pro was designed for Apple customers who needed high end performance and expandability,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “In 2013, Apple shifted gears and saw the Mac Pro as an iconic desktop system with great performance if one shared the company’s vision for both industrial design and OpenCL.”

“Now, it appears that Apple sees the Mac Pro as a platform that will support its future initiatives. Can Apple hold to that pattern? That abiding faith in high end computation and visualization?” Martellaro writes. “A new trademark filing suggests Apple now sees the light.”

“Apple has greatly expanded the associated terms in the Mac Pro trademark to include the key technologies of the future,” Martellaro writes. “Apple has shifted gears and now realizes that developers need more than a dual-core MacBook Pro and a single external display. The technologies that are emerging, autonomous systems, AIs, robots, gaming, simulations, navigation, 4K cinema, VR and AR all need massive computational and graphics power. If Apple doesn’t supply it, other companies are keen to seize the market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This 4+ year fiasco is a major blot on the record of Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Dan Riccio, Johny Srouji, Phil Schiller, and every other Apple C-suite executive involved.

Let’s hope Apple’s brass has now awoken from their years-long stupor — coffee table books, self-aggrandizing headquarters, Christmas trees (!)* and get back to doing some real work so that Mac-using professionals can, too.

*All of which add up to time that could have and obviously should have been spent building a Mac Pro that Mac professionals actually want.MacDailyNews, April 7, 2017

As per Apple displays, told ya so:

Apple ceding the display business damages the Apple brand. Apple does not lead in an essential personal computing component and other companies logos are destined to be in Mac users’ faces all day long. Not smart. Cook & Co. should reconsider their decision and make and sell Apple-branded displays. Direct profits aren’t the issue, ancillary profits are; smart executives like Cook should be able to recognize the power of perception. — MacDailyNews, January 5, 2017

Not making Apple-branded, Apple-designed displays is an example of Compaq thinking, Tim.MacDailyNews, February 17, 2017

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m pretty scared to write too much about needing powerful machine like a Mac Pro because various people like a MDN poster Dan i debated with will go crazy all over you:

    “Don’t come to a comment section to vent (about Apple’s neglect of Pros) . Also, please understand that while YOU may very well need the most powerful video cards available (how many times more powerful are the PC video cards?? Oh yeah, 4-5 times. You mentioned it a lot), that the majority of people do not need that…. And many creative pros… simply do not need that much computer.”

    my reply was why then did senior VPs of Apple come out to apologize for screwing up the MP especially the GPUs and promise to make more powerful MPs and iMacs if the people who need such power are so insignificant? A really Extraordinary mea culpa…

    As the article above is pointing out the needs of power are INCREASING not decreasing. some people are complaining that even with the new MBP they have to turn their games to low or medium res. because of the weak GPU. ( and don’t try to rotate a really high polygon model in Maya or something with the D300 in a Cylinder MP… )

    seriously why do people like Dan Whose computing requirements is like doing Tweeter or something SO ANGRY at us who need powerful machines?
    It’s like if Apple was to provide pro machines for the rest of us it’s stealing candy from their mouths or something. Enjoy your Tweeter machines, you already have them , no need to bash us who want more.

    I’m going on at this because every time I complain that Apple has neglected the highest end users (unlike the past when Jobs had Mac SHOOTOUTS running photoshop vs Windows PCs and when PC magazine said the fastest Windows machine — running bootcamp –was a Mac ) I get bashed in a flame war.

    1. I totally hear you. I agree, it is important to have exceptional power at the top end of the line. While I may never need a beefed-up Mac Pro in my work, I would like it to be there for the trickle-down effect; the more powerful the top end, the commensurately more powerful will be the iMac, Mac mini, MBP, MBA, MB and all others.

      Having said that, I’m extremely skeptical that Apple will bother too much. The user base for that last milligram of power has been shrinking over the years. Increasingly more and more people are able to do everything they need done with their computers using mid-range and low-end Macs. This is a testament to Moore’s law; as computer power and speed doubled every 18 months, user’s needs struggled to keep up. We simply no longer need top-end computer to search and replace a word in a 180-page MS Word document; any old MBA will do it practically instantly today.

      We don’t have the total sales numbers for Mac Pro, but some analysts estimate they don’t break even one million in a year.

      It is hard to imagine that Apple would find good reasons to justify an effort that results in sales of just one million of ANYTHING in their product line, even if it IS the most expensive single product.

    2. Davewrite, you post some valid points. Pros have a right to be upset and disappointed about the slow pace of Mac Pro development, particularly since the release of the trashcan.

      I have to admit that I had high hopes when Apple announced the trashcan Mac Pro. It appeared at the time at though Apple might once again have stood conventional computer design on its head and charted a new path. The thermal control approach certainly seemed elegant and efficient compared to typical box computers. In addition, there were many complementary articles back in 2013 noting that the dual graphics cards in the Mac Pro were quite powerful and that the cost of the entire Mac Pro was less than the cost of competing graphics cards by themselves. In addition, the outer cover of the Mac Pro was easy to slide off, making all of its elements easily accessible. The implication was that upgrades would be available in the future and easy for the pro user to install.

      All of that may have been true to varying degrees, but Apple failed to do anything over the next four years in terms of upgrading the trashcan components or making its vision of the trashcan as a pro computer come to fruition. Like the Mac Cube back in the 1990s, the trashcan Mac Pro may turn out to be a pathfinder product that did not succeed in the retail space at the time, but yielded knowledge and experience that would be leveraged to improve later designs, like the iMac.

      Apple should always have the fastest pro machines. It is a matter of pride and a matter of practicality. Much as winning race cars boost consumer sales of a make, Mac Pro supercomputers boost overall Mac sales. I have long supported pros in this matter – for decades, in fact – and I, too, took pride in the fact that PPC-based PowerMacs bested Wintel machines back in the mid-1990s. I bought one of those PowerMacs. But I must admit that I have gotten tired of the degree and volume of griping over the Mac Pro issues in this forum. A major part of the problem is that the gripes popped up in almost every thread, not just the articles dealing with pro machines. Another issue is that gripe posts were often re-posted many times.

      My general take on the subject was that sure, pros have a number of legitimate gripes, and some Apple employees may actually check the MDN forums to get a feel for the opinions of Apple’s customers. But, if you want to make a *real* impact – then contact Apple directly, both as individuals and as members of larger professional and user groups. Go to the shareholders meetings and submit propositions for a vote. Engage with leading journalists and pundits who follow Apple and work with them to get Apple’s attention. My point was that incessant griping on this forum accomplished little and also reduced the fun of being part of the Apple user community.

      Even in the “glory days” there were plenty of complaints. But I really miss the hope and the excitement that flowed throughout the Mac (and, eventually, iOS) user community. Now the complaints dominate the discussions. Is Apple to blame? Certainly. But, individually and as a community, we do not have to be so damn negative about everything and demand immediate gratification at every turn.

      1. Believe me all this frustration is real, justified and legitimate. And I think we all should support each other no matter if that is not our specific problem. But when very serious critics over Apple about the Pro segment emerged we also had to argue with excessive direct or personal aggressions. So the whole thing exploded.

        Now it should be easier to understand Apple not always knows better so we all need to be aware of where are we being driven with some trends that are not correct and become a real obstacle to continue doing what is and should be our most significative contribution. We are not devoted to Apple but to our personal and professional carriers. So the computer we use should never be more important than our activities. Apple should never attempt to impose their vision over our primary goals, but really make our lives easier.

        Personally I have been an Apple user since my father brought home that Apple II and I was a very young kid, so there are personal reasons for myself to admire and love Apple.

    3. I’ll have to read it again, but I didn’t read it as an apology as much as, having made a decision to update these machines along a specific path, they wanted a story to go with it.

      I know that MY view is that the Pro’s of old were not in favor of innovation and were holding Apple back in several areas. They made a BIG (and successful) push for consumers so they wouldn’t HAVE to cater to a crowd who’s main focus was “what you did yesterday but faster”.

      I don’t think the next Mac Pro will be a “powerhouse”. It’ll be powerful, but I think Apple just wants to refresh everything with newer components and they were waiting for Intel to actually begin shipping in quantity to do so. Perhaps Apple plans to raise the bar by shipping machines with all i7’s or better. Maybe the goal is more recyclable computers. Maybe they plan to lean on ThunderBolt with their own external enclosure. Whatever it is, I’m fairly sure it won’t be “the same as the cheese grater Mac, just faster” or “that Windows PC, just with an Apple logo”. It will please and delight the MILLIONS weaned on iOS and iDevices, but will look like more form over function to those long-time Pro’s.

      Perhaps those few still looking for raw power over form in an Apple machine will shift to a more suitable platform, perhaps they’ll just continue to use their old machine until it dies. Whatever happens, Apple WILL continue to grow iOS and services and continue to push their massive happy user base in that direction.

      It’s not so much that power users don’t DESERVE more power, it’s just that it’s been clear that’s not Apple’s focus, but some REALLY want it to be Apple’s focus again. As always, time will tell.

      1. You are making this to much Apple Vs the demanding Pro segment, like opposites, old Vs new. It shouldn’t be, because those in Apple management today are not either young kids with the next generation ideas, right? We all need what we need and either Apple is committed to the segment, or they are not. Being mediocre doesn’t do Apple a favor. Apple is a tool provider and not the center of our activities. The better the tools the better Apple gets.

        We should never have to go “somewhere else” for Apple to be more comfortable as we are partners, and not rivals. If we loose Apple losses too. I have powerful PC, but I don’t want to have only a PC option. The weakest point on Apple for this is they just need to concede a small terrain on the very top segment. What is right and appropriate for consumers can’t be right for any other segment, in this case the top professional segment.

        Finally, is Apple who has to choose if they want to be an important player in the top professional segment, understanding it is very demanding, has its own needs and it is not very profitable. And make no mistake, they did. They want to be a part, and I assume it is because they want to remain a top engineering company competing with the best in every respect and obviously not because they need the money. They are top and super competitive with the iPhone but the workstation segment is not less important for all the future has to produce for our societies need and also for Apple itself. I just hope Apple the best with the next Pro tools, really, as I want Apple to be a part of my future too.

        1. “because those in Apple management today are not either young kids”
          No, BUT neither was Steve Jobs and he was consistently ahead of the rest of the market. He was focused on PostPC while everyone else was sure that “the same desktop as yesterday but faster” was the way to go. As a result there are millions upon millions of iOS devices sold every year, way more than Macs. The future, as described by Steve Jobs ARE these devices. Apple shows every year that they are more focused in this area (and the services for that area) year after year.

          “If we lose, Apple loses, too”
          Depends on who “We” are. If you’re talking about Pro’s as I described? Then, no.

          “is very demanding, has its own needs and it is not very profitable.”
          You just described very simply why the “Professional” market could be seen as not worth the effort. It’s very demanding requiring a lot of your focus, what is needed by those won’t scale well over the ENTIRE line, AND once you provide a solution, you MIGHT just break even… that’s IF they like it, then IF they actually need it THEN if they have the money to buy it.

          I think if you really NEED something that’s comparable to an extremely high end Windows workstation, with ALL the features that provides, there is a pretty good chance that the next Mac Pro will not be that.

        2. Agree 100%! You have laid out a reasonable and important course for Apple to follow. In addition to MDN and so many others passionate devotees to the pro platform.

          Regarding wasting your time responding to @Wrong Again, well, he is simply WRONG AGAIN …

      2. While its true that some Pro’s just want a ‘faster horse’, the more basic truth is that they don’t want a supplier who acts capricious & arbitrary to BREAK things (e.g., their workflows) on them.

        To this end, Pros are (to a great degree) very pragmatic and supportive of better mousetraps, but they need to have the opportunity to see for themselves that it is clearly better *and* to then be able to migrate/adopt on their own schedule.

        No matter how a “Good” a change may ultimately turn out to be in the long run, there needs to be graceful transition periods so that Pros can plan, test, and deploy. But this has been an area where Apple has been chronically bad with servicing their Pro customers.

        1. “No matter how a “Good” a change may ultimately turn out to be in the long run, there needs to be graceful transition periods so that Pros can plan, test, and deploy. But this has been an area where Apple has been chronically bad with servicing their Pro customers.”


          Apple arrogant fashionistas have been guilty of TOTAL NEGLECT of the Prosumer market for years now. That includes dumbing down software or removing it altogether. They certainly are a large rich tech company. NO EXCUSE they can’t do it all! …

    4. People like Dan are short-sighted and extremely and selfishly myopic, only concerned about their own immediate needs. In some ways actually Luddite Lite.

      Ultimately those who DON’T need all the computational power for themselves must realize others do in order to advance technologies and deliver entertainment for THEM and others. So in effect they DO need all that computational power (even if indirectly) and Apple needs to provide powerful machines for the technology providers.

      How moronic EVER of Apple is it to think in future years we would need LESS power or have less versatile non-upgradeable computers? (What idiot is really running the show over there?) Technology advances are made precisely because of powerful moves forward in components – thus CAPABILITIES!

      The pro machines have to be way ahead of the standard consumer stuff as a result because developers & entertainment industry types have to be. To ignore it is to cede the market to others like Microsoft and their readily configurable and scalable workstations.

      So the Dan’s of the world have to STFU in their ignorance and know if pros are happy they will ultimately be too.

        1. I call it the singular perspective syndrome where some people think of themselves and their limited needs (or world) as the center of the universe and why would anyone else want anything different? It’s really the problem with the world at large showing a supercilious excess of ego and self-importance along with a distinct lack of empathy to others. Their view is THE view. A seriously poor character trait. To be summarily ignored, if possible.

      1. Let’s say they “cede the market” of “readily configurable and scalable workstations”… I’d guess the sales decrease due to that would be a small portion of a small percent. There are not hundreds of millions of users clamoring for those, there just aren’t.

        1. following your logic making a LOW POWER iPhone will ALSO be good enough for the majority the population , as 80% use low powered androids…

          do you want the iPhone was ONE QUARTER the power
          and they sell it for $200 to satisfy the majority?

          people argue just like you all argue about Macs “Nobody REALLY needs a super powered A10 or a high end GPU in a phone as nobody really does extensive computing on them like spreadsheets or 3D animation. You don’t need a super high res screen either because you can read 99% of everything on a cheap LED.. 80% of people today from sales stats are satisfied with low powered phones …. ”

          they will probably sell a lot more iPhones at $200 and save all that money (billions) on R&D., but is that the path to go?

          why do iPhones need to be top of the line while Macs are OK to be one quarter the power (as their GPUs are now) of PCs?

          1. “why do iPhones need to be top of the line while Macs are OK to be one quarter the power (as their GPUs are now) of PCs?”

            In one succinct paragraph you have neatly summed up the ENTIRE PROBLEM Apple has when it comes to Macs.

            As I and others such as yourself have said repeatedly for years, begs a very simple question for clueless Cook to answer.

            Tell me why the most profitable and largest tech company in history — DOES NOT HAVE THE FASTEST, MOST UPGRADEABLE COMPUTERS MANKIND HAS EVER SEEN … Hmmm?!?!?! 👿

            To match, as you pointed out in a master stroke, Apple superiority in smartphone products, et al.

            Bottom line: Every product Apple sells should be the absolute best the world has ever seen … PERIOD! ☝️

            1. the other thing I didn’t talk about (due to my desire as in my first post to avoid flame wars…. 🙂 ) was that if as you say Apple makes the best fasted PCs (as in computers) they will also sell a lot to Windows users who can bootcamp.

              As Msft. has said it has moved hundreds of millions of Win 10 licenses and aiming for 1 billion, there’s plenty of money to be made if like I mentioned in the old days Pc magazine were to say : Fastest and Best Windows PCs (laptop , desktop, gaming rig etc ) are Macs. (that would also entice Windows users to try MacOS).

              The iPhone today is competitively priced with high end Androids, why can’t Mac Pros. powerful Mac Minis or even Mid Towers be competitively priced to their Windows counterparts yet be better built? AirPods are actually LOWER priced than many competitive products !

              The painful suspicion I have why they don’t it is that the fashionistas in the Apple design dept. simply don’t like to design ‘Trucks’ (note Ive who as Chief Designer is mainly responsible for the Cylinder wasn’t even at the MP apology meeting) , they neuter the truck (for hobbyists) like the Mac Mini by cutting the quad core and solder the RAM to make them ‘thinner’, they like Coffee Table books, fashion shows and spend one year and half to make door handles for the new Campus (as reported by Reuters ) … .

              Like I say often they don’t even run Mac advertising. Together with with everything else like no updates makes Low sales a SELF INFLICTED prophecy…

            2. Once again you nailed it and very well said, DW. The fashionista segment of Apple is the problem. They need to spread the love to ALL PRODUCTS and think different when buying their first fully equipped truck …

            3. I believe this (self inflicted low sales) to be generally correct. Though the sales are good, respectable even, they’re much lower than they COULD be, and I really feel it’s because Apple wants to move people from macOS to iOS. At some point in the future, they only have to come up with a new desktop/laptop every 3 to 4 years for iOS developers while continuing their rapid iteration in the mobile space.

              “The painful suspicion”
              All I’m doing is saying that your suspicion is WELL founded and more than likely defining the current stat. It could be due to the fashionistas, it could could also be that Apple’s doing so much INTERESTING stuff, no one wants to be put on the “boring upgraded box” project. Could be they are prideful and would rather work on something that will be touched by MILLIONS instead of something that will be grumbled about by a few hundred thousand. The TRUTH is, though, that Apple’s focus is on iOS and things related to iOS much to the chagrin of all those folks that kept Apple in business while they worked on the next big “iOS” thing.

            4. “Apple wants to move people from macOS to iOS.”

              Says who?

              Possibly Clueless Cook who probably does not know how to even turn a Pro machine on much less use it for productive professional women rk that is NOT POSSIBLE on iOS. Shareholder suck ups, both of you.

              You are WRONG AGAIN and need to go. Take Clueless Cook with you …

            5. Macs as I’ve said before are the second largest hardware money maker at Apple next to iPhone.
              more money than iPad last quarter : 7 b to 5 b

              Macs also made near twice the other products category that contains iPod, TV, Watch, Airpods, Beats , Accessories etc.
              So if they neglect Mac due to fading sales then they why bother with all the rest which make a fraction of Mac sales?

              Great Mac sales in spite of Massive Neglect from poor design choices, neutered machines, no or slow updates and no advertising.
              Imagine if they had taken Mac seriously, if they had added an extra 5-10% growth annually compounded over Tim cook years revenues today might be significantly higher today.

              iPad sales instead of taking over has actually fallen to about HALF peak sales revenues a few years ago while Mac has stayed steady until recently due to no updates.
              Remember when iPod was soaring , making the most money and analyst said Apple should be a ‘music’ company and dump the Mac? Mac still around and iPod near gone.

              Macs by profit are larger than Dell, is near 100 on the Fortune 500. Makes way more than Netflix. Will anybody just throw away a Fortune 500 company? What is the point analyst saying buy Netflix etc if they want to neglect Mac (a way more profitable enterprise) to death?

              As I’ve noted with SVPs making Christmas trees, coffee table books, one and half years on door handles, furniture for charities, Planet of the Apps, fashion shows etc. and 200+ billion in the bank , 100,000 staff there is NO LACK OF RESOURCES to do BOTH iOS and MacOS especially since Macs make money.

            6. “As I’ve noted with SVPs making Christmas trees, coffee table books, one and half years on door handles, furniture for charities, Planet of the Apps, fashion shows etc. and 200+ billion in the bank , 100,000 staff there is NO LACK OF RESOURCES to do BOTH iOS and MacOS especially since Macs make money.”

              AMEN, BROTHER!

              No reason to NOT do BOTH well. Sheesh.

              I suspect @WRONG AGAIN is an Apple MDN plant pushing a flawed agenda …

            7. You can NOT look at the last 10 years and say that Apple has been focusing on Pro’s. Why continue to apologize for the fact that they’re not doing it? Why are you apologizing as you wait anxiously for what Apple calls a “Pro” machine next year. When they release that weak modular Pro system next year that is, in no way, a system that will suit Pro’s, are you going to continue to apologize for a company that is NOT fulfilling your needs?

              When will you finally realize that Apple’s not interested in the Pro business anymore… Another 5 years? Another 15 years? Another 20 years? Will you ever stop apologizing for them?

            8. Obviously you have a serious reading comprehension problem.

              I have been criticizing Apple’s lack of Pro focus and rightly so for years now. And NOT ONCE apologized for their neglect …

            9. We’re saying the same thing. Apple’s not fulfilling the needs of the Pro market. Apple has MORE than enough resources to do A REALLY NICE machine at a wide variety of price points AND all their other non-Pro stuff and STILL have money left over for tons of pet projects… yet they’re not doing ANYTHING for Pros.

              I think I’ve just stopped pretending that they care. I HAVE tried to figure out WHY they’ve done it, just because, as you said, there’s a LOT of money that they’re turning away from by not supporting the Pro market. So, that “focus on the iOS market” is not something I desire, it just APPEARS to be what they’re doing. I would LIKE to think that next year’s… (or maybe 2019’s?) MacPro will impress and surprise AND delight Pros, but I really have no confidence in Apple’s ability to do get this done.

            10. “Tell me why the most profitable and largest tech company in history…”
              Because the most profitable and largest tech company in history got to BE the largest tech company in history by focusing on iOS and their services. They even killed the wildly successfully iPod line in order to focus on iOS. And, improving iOS and increasing their services capacity does not require ‘the fastest, most upgradeable computers mankind has ever seen’. If it DID you can BET it would have been done awhile ago.

            11. I don’t know what’s wrong with an asshat and total Apple APOLOGIST like you! You are consistently WRONG AGAIN on this issue.

              You think iOS is developed on an iOS machine? PRO COMPUTERS DESIGN EVERYTHING.

              Pro computers BUILT Apple from the ground up. Study Apple’s history going back to April 1, 1976.

              Apple has the money and resources to build the baddest, biggest, fastest computers the world has ever seen!

              Just do it already and cut the crap iPhone is where the money is. They have enough friggin’ money, for chrissake!!!

              I repeat for excuse apologist morons like you — EVERY PRODUCT APPLE SELLS FROM CABLES TO PRO COMPUTERS SHOULD BE WORLD CLASS BEST!!!

              Got it? Good!

          2. “Why do iPhones need to be the top of the line”
            Because THAT is the market Apple wants to make sure they stay profitable in. iOS is behind almost everything they do, including the desktops/laptops they’re making (as development machines).

            All I’m saying is that Apple has likely made decisions regarding how best to spend their money such that they can make the most profit for dollar spent. Almost ANYTHING Apple does in the iOS area scales to huge amounts of money. The difference between the high end and the low end is a band of about $1000, if not less. The same band for desktops could be $5,000 plus. If you make a truly POWERFUL desktop that you could sell for $6,000, you should PROBABLY make sure there’s enough folks that want to BUY a $6,000 machine before you make it.

            I’d wager that the reason why Apple has only ONE plant currently making MacPro’s is because the low volume of products coming out matches the low volume of buyers pretty well.

    1. Got rid of my 2005 PowerPC G5 Mac Pro 2 years ago but still have my 2007 Mac Pro and been waiting two years to replace it as the 2013 Mac Pro was not my cup of tea.

      In the meantime really making do with a Mac Book Pro hooked up to an LG Ultrawide. I am SO close to pushing the button on a PC Workstation (though it makes me sick to think about) since we truly have no idea when the 2018 or 2019 Mac Pro will appear and then when you could get one from what will probably be incredible initial demand (showing Apple what lunkheads they were further with the previous design – “CAN’T innovate correctly my ass!”).

      1. It makes me sick as well, to even entertain the reckless thought of going PC PRO.

        That said, you have one last shot Apple. And you better get it RIGHT!

        Apple owner since my LISA …

        1. They won’t get it right, at least not by many of the desktop holdouts. If you think a cool sleek upgradeable via Thunderbolt port machine is getting it right, you’ll be pleased. If all you want is an Intel box with a lot of slots that you can install macOS onto, I’m not sure if that vision even exists in Apple anymore.

          1. Is Clueless Cook paying you for this disinformation campaign? You work in his office as water boy?

            Listen closely Apple Apologist and just remember one thing: PROS RULE! 😆

  2. “It is hard to imagine that Apple would find good reasons to justify an effort that results in sales of just one million of ANYTHING in their product line, even if it IS the most expensive single product.”

    I can only see the positioning of the Watch Edition and the Hermes Strap in the light that Apple does need to provide uselessly lipsticked stuff, from back to the 20th Century Mac days. It is time they decided to set the top bar from the performance angle, not the fashion angle. Apples need to be the Ferraris and Lotuses of the computer world, not the Kardashians.

  3. 1-Headless
    2-Easy to open and internally upgrade with standard components- memory, cards, drives.
    3-Plenty of connectivity Phil, we do not dream of a Mac without ports- that’s called an iPhone, asshole.
    4-Internal storage capacity.
    5- Flexible BTO
    6- Designed to last more than 2 years.
    7- Not skinny
    8- Option of Intel Core i7 or Xeon Class CPUs.
    9- Quiet
    10- No fufu styling.

    Simply the A-10 Warthog (Thunderbolt II, my ass) of Computers:
    Unloved by the fighter jocks and Brass, but beloved by the pilots, crew and troops on the ground who know it’s worth.
    Ugly as hell but do not give a shit.
    Cannot kill it with a sledge hammer.
    Not for posers.

    1. Right with you DavGreg. And i wholeheartedly agree that functionality must take precedence over style for pro machines. However, Apple has shown with the old cheese grater Mac Pro that the company can make a computer that works like an A-10 Warthog, but looks much nicer (especially on the interior). I loved removing the side panel from my old Mac Pro – the beauty and functionality of the interior design never failed to impress people.

    2. So, essentially “A high end Windows PC that runs macOS.” I kinda posted this phrase as a joke a little while ago, BUT the more I pay attention to what Pros say they want, the more it reads like this. I personally don’t think that Apple’s going to make “a high end Windows PC that runs macOS” ever again. The last time they had an opportunity to… we got the MacPro.

      1. It took awhile, but I think we all got it.

        You are not a computing pro. You don’t understand complex pro hardware and software or make a living using professional tools. You think iOS and iPads are the future alongside Clueless Cook and with refreshed watch bands and fashionista runway shows.

        When it comes to PRO COMPUTING NEEDS your stupidity rivals Captain Cook …

  4. “This 4+ year fiasco is a major blot on the record…”
    1. The “New” mac Pro was released December 2013, so “4+ year” is a bit off. It isn’t even 4 years yet.
    2. Apple bet (wrongly) on the industry moving towards smaller desktop PC with smaller, more power efficient GPUs. Depending on when Apple realized they made the wrong decision (1-2 years after it shipped), they would need to completely re-design the Mac Pro to be what the industry is actually moving towards while still innovating like Apple has always done.
    4. In order to get it right and not make the same mistake again, they are taking the time required to do so.

    I am so glad MDN is not running Apple, some of them are idiots.

    1. By the time the next Mac Pro comes out (“Not this year” – Schiller), it’ll be 4+ years, genius.

      If MDN were running Apple, I’d bet the ranch that we’d have better Mac choices than we do today.

    2. I would say that Apple bet RIGHTLY on the consumers of the world (of which there are VASTLY more than Pros) moving towards portable devices running iOS. Even WHEN they decided to make the MacPro, they decided to make it in a factory that could NEVER churn our millions of them at a rapid pace. Because they KNEW they were never going to sell anywhere near as many of them as they sell iMacs or MacBook Pros.

        1. Can you read?

          “Not making Apple-branded, Apple-designed displays is an example of Compaq thinking, Tim MotionMan.” — MacDailyNews, February 17, 2017

      1. The disappointment has been running too long since 2013, Apple apologist.

        The only setup here is Apple cluelessness and thumbing their noses at the pro market.

        The market that made Apple a computer company.

        1. Actually, it appears that you’re apologizing for all the weak efforts Apple made PRIOR to 2013, but at that point you stopped apologizing for them. Good for you 🙂

          I’ve been moving folks from macOS to other platforms for awhile. That’s not apologizing, that’s admitting that Apple IS NOT headed in the direction that these people wanted to go. Flexibility to command their own destiny, to pick the components they want to use at the price point THEY are comfortable with was more important than an Apple on the box. It does help that Windows 10 is not as horrible as prior versions.

          1. Don’t put words in my mouth, junior.

            I am not apologizing for anything Apple. That is YOUR line of work.

            iOS is NOT PRO SOFTWARE or PRO COMPUTING. Wake up!

            1. Are you saying that Apple disappointment starts at 2013? If so, then, are you saying everything was AOK for Pro users up until 2013, but RIGHT AT 2013, things became disappointing…. well, what WOULD you call that? Are you saying that Final Cut Pro X (which came out in 2011) was a GOOD idea for Pro’s?

              Because it’s my assertion that Apple made a decision WELL BEFORE 2013 to not cater to the Pro market and that has resulted in disappointment for Pro users. Are you still sticking to your “2013, but everything before that was fine” guns?

            2. Hey clueless and WRONG AGAIN.

              Apple has ignored the pro market under Clueless Cook. What part of that do you NOT UNDERSTAND?

  5. Neglect of the Mac Pro isn’t about money and it’s not about “good enough”. It’s about being stupid and short sighted.

    If Tim Cook were running Tesla, he would have said “gasoline powered cars are good enough for most people so…”

    And there would be no Tesla.

    Stupid and short sighted. As others have pointed out, not only content creators, but consumers of “next gen” products are going to need more powerful PCs. Not just phones and tablets with more features.

    Sad, really.

    1. Actually, if STEVE JOBS was running Telsa, he would have been talking about “PostElectric”. He would have defined his vision for the company understanding that a LOT of the people that made the electric car a “thing” would be pissed once those new “PostElectric” cars came online, but would know that it would be required for progress. He would have put a Tim Cook in place and that Tim Cook would not be able to go “PostElectric” as fast as Steve would, but he WOULD still be on the path.

      Folks would be irritated about “WHY TESLA CAN’T MAKE A BETTER FASTER ELECTRIC CAR”. And it will be because Tesla wouldn’t be interested in electric cars, they’d be trying to bring the next thing to fruition. Oh, there would be people buying other company’s electric cars and putting Tesla’s software on them (TesHacks they’d be called). There would be people driving around in older Tesla’s because the new ones don’t have the features THEY think an electric car should have and will be waiting endlessly for Tesla to realize that the NEXT thing isn’t as important as iterating on electric.

      That’s more like the current situation. 🙂

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