Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh on Friday wondered if Apple were losing their edge.

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Limbaugh responded to a caller from Colorado Springs, who complained “that it took over 500 days for a new MacBook Pro to come out” and mentioned reports that Apple took “all of their engineers away from their Airports line of routers, even though J.D. Power just made them number one in customer satisfaction” and bemoaned Apple “looking to LG to fulfill high-end resolution displays.”

From the live on-air transcript:

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh: Apple has — it’s a wild guess — anywhere from 115 to 145,000 employees, and so it’s hard to understand why anything’s late to market. It’s hard to understand why, with that many people, how they would have to shut down their line of airport and airport express routers and the time capsules and all that. I’m like you; I want Apple to thrive. I want Apple to just win and win it, ’cause I love their stuff. I want Apple to continue to innovate. I want them to be on time. I want them to be leaders. And my big concern with Apple recently has been they can’t build what they’re designing.

You talk about the length of time with the MacBook Pro, but let’s look at the iPhone 7 Plus. Do you realize Apple stores could not get stock of the iPhone 7 Plus until the first week in November? They announced those devices on September the 15th or 17th, something like that, and if you ordered a jet black iPhone 7 Plus on announce day, they told you November. And their stores couldn’t get them.

You talk to people working the stores, they didn’t understand — I mean, it’s the brand-new iPhone, it’s the same shell as the 6s. What in the world is the delay here? Then the [AirPods], you know, they take the headphone jack out of the iPhone and replace them with these wireless ear pods, and they announce they’re gonna be available in October, then they say, sorry, they’re not ready, and nobody knows when they’re coming. And so people are going out and having to purchase replacement Bluetooth wireless headphones to use with their new iPhone 7 [units], and they’re missing out on the sales they could be racking up now, these new [AirPods].

Your MacBook Pro story. How about the Mac Pro itself? Three years and no update. What confounds all this is they don’t tell anything anybody. They’re so shrouded in secrecy. They may have decided to cancel the Mac Pro and haven’t told anybody. My guess is there’s gonna be a super-duper MacBook Pro refresh in three or four months and you’re gonna be cursing yourself for buying the one you did.

I think they’re putting everything they’ve got in the iPhone right now. I think that’s their moneymaker. I think they’re putting all their innovation in the iPhone, and nobody really knows because they are so secretive. But, look, I’m like you. I wish we knew more about why there were delays. I wish that they were able to more easily manufacture what they can design, because the stuff they release is just super. It’s just the best. It becomes iconic and the best, and you want more and more of it. But I think they’re gonna be fine. The iPhone is still the only phone in the world that matters, for example, and their laptops, ditto.

Full transcript here.

MacDailyNews Take: Great publicity, Apple.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook is tilting at windmills in China.

If you haven’t noticed, Mr. Cook, many Apple product users have noticed that if the company were a car, right now it’d have three square wheels*.

*iPhone is the round wheel. Mac, iPad, and Apple TV just aren’t rolling nearly as well as they should or rather easily could be.

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