“Apple’s announcement that it is discontinuing its AirPort product line wasn’t exactly a surprise. As we noted earlier, Bloomberg reported back in 2016 that Apple had disbanded the team responsible for its wireless routers, and we first spotted the company selling third-party ones,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “But while it isn’t a surprise, I do think it’s the wrong decision – and a particularly ill-timed one.”

“Apple was one of the first companies to recognize that accessing the Internet had become the primary reason for a consumer to buy a personal computer,” Lovejoy writes. “Apple is also all about the ecosystem. Devices and services that all work together seamlessly. Routers – while not a sexy product – were part of that end-to-end Apple experience.”

“I recognize the economic argument, of course,” Lovejoy writes. “These days everyone gets a free WiFi router from their ISP. Probably a relatively small number of people bother to buy a separate one, and only some of those buy an Apple one. But there are six counter-arguments.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Either Apple has some perfectly secret grand plan that they are perfectly executing* or they are (mis)managed by people swimming in hundreds of billions of dollars who are nonetheless and inexplicably making shortsighted beancounter decisions.

Listen, we’ll survive and even thrive with eero mesh WiFi systems. Just like we’re doing with non-Apple displays.

Besides coasting along reaping (some of) what Steve Jobs hath sown (and blowing away more than we’ll ever know with missteps, lateness, incompleteness, lack of product, lack of focus, laziness, woefully languishing products, misplaced priorities, etcetera), Apple is doing a fine job in one area:

Teaching us to purchase products and fall in love with brands other than Apple.

Anyone who thinks Apple CEO Tim Cook and his cavalcade of VPs are doing a great job does not understand Apple Inc. or what is happening. They only see the profits which are merely a portion of what they should be if there were competent management in place who were focused on what they should be focused on: Delighting the customer, not their office door handles.

As far as Apple goes, it was a different company every few years from the time I joined in 1984. There was Steve [Jobs] — an elemental force — and then there was no Steve. There was John [Sculley]. He was pretty good, but the company grew so fast and started getting very dysfunctional. And then on downhill.Alan Kay, April 2013

Tim Cook fired Scott Forstall and aligned the executive staff so as to have peace… which is to say there is no conflict. Executives aren’t competing with each other any more. And, Tim’s message was loud and clear: “Don’t bring me conflict.”Bob Burrough, January 2017

*You know, because a company that ships and markets a “smart” speaker based mainly on sound quality (which they have to do because they squandered their prodigious lead in personal assistants long ago) without the basic capability of stereo-pairing is executing perfectly.

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