Apple’s newest Mac Pro turns five years old today

“Today marks the fifth anniversary of Apple’s last update to the Mac Pro, as reflected in the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Apple released the second-generation Mac Pro on December 19, 2013, starting at $2,999, and it remains that price today after some reshuffling of configurations despite having over five year old hardware, including up to a 12-core Intel Xeon E5 processor, 64GB of ECC RAM, 1TB of SSD storage, and dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs,” Rossignol reports. “Fortunately, the long wait of 1,826 days and counting for an all-new Mac Pro should finally be over by the end of next year.”

Happy 5th Birthday, Misplaced Priorities Trophy!
Happy 5th Birthday, Misplaced Priorities Trophy!

“Last year… Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller revealed that the company is ‘completely rethinking the Mac Pro,’ with work underway on a new version that will be Apple’s ‘highest-end, high-throughput desktop system’ designed for its ‘demanding pro customers,'” Rossignol reports. “Schiller said the new Mac Pro will be a ‘modular’ system and accompanied by a new Thunderbolt Display successor.”

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MacDailyNews Take: See ya at WWDC 2019 (hopefully), all-new Mac Pro!

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  1. “Apple’s ‘highest-end, high-throughput desktop system’ designed for its ‘demanding pro customers”

    If you’re looking for a lower priced mini, this isn’t it.
    If you’re looking for a headless iMac, this won’t be it.
    If you’re looking for the specs of an iMac Pro in a more affordable monitor-free configuration, this won’t be that.

    IF you’re looking for the highest performing Mac Apple has ever shipped that will START the performance ramp at the highest end iMac Pro and go up from there… AND you’re willing to pay for it, then next year’s modular Mac Pro may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

    Now, if this is the case, then that means that they’d leave the “high end enthusiast” market in the dust. Those that just like buying the fastest system $5k can buy every year, just because they can. They don’t NEED it to make money, they just enjoy gaming (and an iMac can only REALLY game with an external graphics card) and like having all that power available… even if rarely ever use it all.

        1. Ahh, I see:

          Its because of the “trolls and bashers” that Apple has been totally obstructed from their in-house engineering offices from designing and deploying updated Mac Pro hardware for their customers to buy!

          …..can I have some of what you’re all smoking?

  2. I remember the days of eagerly waiting for the January and the June announcements of new computers and hardware that Apple used to have.

    My wife and I bought a new machine every year and neither of us was ever on a Mac older than two years. The previous Macs were updated with RAM and given to family members.

    Every Tuesday morning I would download free songs from iTunes, often resulting in me purchasing an album.

    Then I’d check the Apple store to see if there was a “Back Soon” sign on the site that spurred promises of new hardware.

    My entire office watched Steve announce the iPhone and we cheered. I was high-fived by Apple employees when I bought my first iPhone. The local Apple Store was a warmer and friendlier place where the employees were happy and friendly.

    in the last 10 years Apple has become a shadow of what it once was.

    I really miss Steve and not only the promise of the future today, but the deliverance of that promise. Now I dread overtime Apple makes an announcement and sugar coated regurgitation of “innovative” products.

    One can only say new and improve laundry detergent so many times before it is ignored send simply referred to as the same old thing with new art.

  3. You know, Apple missed their mark that would have had analysts and investors still high flying, by a couple million units, so all last Christmas when we were talking about how much Apple was screwing up, and everyone was, Apple failed to deliver new sales (just even a small percentage) and new products at their peril, and now the are no longer close to the TRILLION $ company, nor anything, AND now you have Ralph Nader telling the world the only reason Apple is burning billions with stock buy backs is to feather their retirements, Yet the REAL CUSTOMERS? i just do not feel the ecosystem that everyone is talking about,, I feel AMAZON and GOOGLE have a better ecosystem with totally unrelated products! Last, What is going on with Apple Music anything? no pulse there, at all. TV? HOW is it that Amazon Prime has their entertainment music and TV set up totally happening when they were a BOOKSTOTE in 2012. anyone remember that? they only sold BOOKS.

  4. The Mac Pro is the #1 trophy that shows how utterly feckless Tim Cook has been at Apple. Creative professionals have been the driving force for good at Apple for decades. They are the ones who kept Apple alive during its darkest days. It is they who provide the halo effect that builds up customer’s willingness to pay a premium price.

    Tm Cook has let the Mac and the Mac Pro rot to the degree that it is no longer a world class industry leading computer. Its a laughing stock. Just like Tim Cook is.

    I remember when Steve Ballmer ran Microsoft.

    Today’s Apple gives me a very strong feeling of deja vu.

    Today the market is absolutely hammering Apple to amost $160 a share. A nearly $65 drop in share price. What a bloodbath for Apple holders. It will take YEARS to get this value back.

    If $160 fails, investors wont see any support until $140. That would represent a $93 drop in share price.

    All thanks to Tim Cook.

    1. If you look at the history of Apple’s stock from the time of Jobs’ departure in 1983, till Amelio left in 1997, it is telling. In those 14 years, the stock managed to just clothes 20% above Sculley’s entrance and Amelio’s departure — even though at one point it peaked in 1991 at 250% of Jobs’ departure.

      Cook, similarly had taken Apple on a 350% stock rise since he had taken the reigns. But that has diminished to 250% in the last 3 months. At what point do his shareholders and board take notice and do something? Looking at the history of Apple stock, it is the largest drop, percentage-wise, in the last three months that the company has ever taken.

      Don’t believe me? Go here and punch in some dates, and look at valuations and percents.

      1. Facts:

        Apple has underperformed the market by 7% in the last one month
        Apple has underperformed the market by 8% in the last 6 months
        Apple has underperformed the market by 7% in the last 12 months
        Apple has outperformed the market by 20% in the last 24 months
        Apple has outperformed the market by 50% in the last 60 months.

        Apple is up 30% in last 2 years
        Apple is up 100% in last 5 years
        Apple is at about the same level it was in April

        Its good to keep things in perspective rather than be a victim of lemming negative rhetoric and be a part of it.

        Always make your minds up on basis of factual information folks … not the other way around .

        Panic is a self fulfilling prophecy..
        and all this negative/ bashing talk , the fuel thats being added to the fire!….constantly.
        (Shorts and the competition are absolutely loving this)

        Go ahead and keep shooting yourselves in your own foot.

        Or keep a rational perspective.

  5. Back in the early spring of 2017 Shiller called a special meeting with the tech industry journalists to tell them that Apple had already started designing a new Mac Pro. A true Mac Pro. A modular Mac Pro. Now about 21 months later we still don’t have a new, true Mac Pro, and most people’s expectations are that we won’t see one for up to 12 months from now!

    One thing in Steve’s favor was that he would not stand for it to take 33 months to design a Mac — any Mac — and get it into full production. People would have been fired for such a thing.

    Under Cook? It’s more like, “We’ll get to it when we get to it. Assuming we don’t kill it along the way.”

  6. The 2019 Mac Pro will come out next year, real pros will be aghast at the design and price and leave the Mac for a PC Workstation.

    The take away from Apple is “No one wants a pro Mac anymore” instead of “Boy did we screw up again!”

    1. I’m ALMOST CERTAIN that your prediction will come true.

      Another phallic symbol or vagina-hat-shaped Mac.

      Cook will prance around onstage and sing its praise and the Apple faithful will buy a few dozen.

      I’ve given up on Apple.

  7. ““Fortunately, the long wait of 1,826 days and counting for an all-new Mac Pro should finally be over by the end of next year.””

    Shirley you jest. The pièce de résistance of Apple cruelty and laissez faire “FY” design time will be making pros wait until the END of 2019. And even then just ordering and not being on your desk until early 2020. No amount of clever design tweaks can make up for our lost patience.

  8. Let’s face it, light on his feet tim cook is a guy riding an easy iphone wave not created by him, but has all but proved he can’t innovate nor provide or even identify his base. Hit the bricks twinkle toes.

    1. Indeed, Apple has essentially become a “one hit wonder” corporation, centered around iOS (yes, even the Services are ~90% sold to iOS hardware owners).

      From an Investor’s perspective, I’ve pointed out this “no longer a three legged stool” instability risk on MDN, only to be regularly downvoted for merely pointing out the obvious.

      Well, like it or not, this very much is the reality (and Market assessment) of AAPL. And no amount of MDN downvotes will change that.

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