2018’s best 100+ Mac tips

“Apple introduced an all-new operating system in 2018,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Just like all its regularly updated platforms, Mojave introduced a range of improvements on what we had before.”

“One of the most important improvements in Mojave is the introduction of Quick Actions in the Finder. What are these and how do you make use of them?” Evans writes. “[See] macOS Mojave: How to use Quick Actions in Finder.”

Evans writes, “This short tour of some of the most useful Mac features you hadn’t started using yet has been enormously popular, so if you’ve not read it already I imagine you will want to take a look: 10 magical productivity tips for Mac.”

Tons more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s a lot of great stuff in this article, including “a href=”https://blogs.computerworld.com/article/3023544/apple-mac/24-keyboard-shortcuts-mac-users-need-to-know.html” target=”_new”>24 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know.”

If you don’t like any of those, here’s the full list of macOS keyboard shortcuts, courtesy of Apple.


  1. IHere is my Number 1 Mac Tip: if you need to seriously upgrade to a PRO computer right away buy a PRO PC with Windows 10. Less expensive, much more powerful, upgradable and light years up to date OVER Apple.

    My employer just switched to all new PRO PCs and Windows 10, from Windows 7 two weeks ago for the reasons mentioned above. Safari, so good. Actually great and can’t believe I am saying this regarding PCs.

    To be fair, if you wait out the sixth year of the promised Mac PRO PC, great. Be smart and check out the specs for the price.

    I am really tired of hearing the false advertising claims and reality distortion field Apple makes premium products for premium customers. Guess those people saying that have not bought a Mac PRO in OVER five years.

    Apple owner since my Lisa…

  2. Goeb,

    I don’t think Apple has a reality distortion field any longer. Likewise, Apple has had to make so many apologies over their failures that they don’t believe in it either.

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