Apple may offer a sneak peek at their new ‘modular’ Mac Pro during October 30th special event

“The much anticipated and even more desired modular Mac Pro may be shown in a sneak peek mode at an event that is likely about the next iPad Pro and new Apple Pencil—all aimed at the creative Apple user,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo writes for Architosh.

“The ‘modular’ new Mac Pro Phil Schiller described in an exclusive interview given to selected journalists from TechCrunch appears to be inching closer to reality, and a possible preview of it may come at Apple’s just announced upcoming event for 30 October 2018, titled ‘There’s more in the making,'” Frausto-Robledo writes. “The basis for this analysis is that Apple’s announcement to journalists points to new tools for the creative professionals the company began to ignore a few years ago and which they have since recommitted. And by ‘commitment’ we mean ‘every segment of the creative pro markets.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like wishful thinking. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to see a Mac Pro sneak peek, but there’s probably more than enough to cover during the event as it is. Unless Apple wants to remind Pro users that the new Mac Pro is indeed still on track for “sometime in 2019” and get them to wait even longer for a solution, we don’t expect to hear much if anything about the next-gen Mac Pro on October 30th.

Apple so thoroughly botched the Mac Pro situation that, when it’s finally ready, it warrants its own event, dedicated to true Mac professionals, greatly rewarding them for their extreme patience. Apple should even go so far as to promise annual hardware updates for an extended timeframe in order to try to win back some measure of trust from the professional Mac users who remain.

Reminding everyone of your abysmal failure isn’t a winning move when you’re trying to sell the world all-new iPads.

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    1. Agreed, the time for words .. or even a dummy mock-up.. is over.

      Apple needs to say, “we’ve locked down the hardware design, here’s some salient features and it’s starting production in Texas on XX month. We will be accepting orders on YYY, with deliveries starting in Month ZZ.

      …and the only reason I’ve not said “November, December, January” is because I’ll cut them a little break on just which CPU/etc they’re going to finalize on to know it’s shipping schedule.

  1. Modular, sounds hopeful….Please include a module for an intel processor, so that we can run the multitude of finite element analysis software that we use, to provide our customers with our services….

    1. It WILL be anti-climactic. It will ONLY have value for those who are so deeply invested in FCP, Logic and other Apple ONLY tools that switching is nowhere near a viable prospect.

      For anyone that can afford to go cheaper because of tools that are developed for multiple platforms… well, most of them have moved on anyway. Most of the rest will move on after ModuMac has been release and one or two (likely folks that visit here) will still be holding out hope that Apple will EVENTUALLY turn things around for the Mac and come out with a real computer within the NEXT 10 years, for sure… or they’re finished… blah blah blah.

      1. “It WILL be anti-climactic.“

        And how do you know, hmm? You post the same anti-pro dribble over and over. Here is a suggestion:

        “Crap in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first.”
        — Grumpy Old Men

  2. Meanwhile… the Mac Pro on my desk continues to work perfectly. What exactly am I supposed to be mad about? Oh, right. It’s not the latest, greatest, bestest, perfectest computer currently in existence. #whatever

    1. montex, what do you do?

      In many professional arenas, one is paid by the hour or by the job. Thus computational power is money. Optimized, up-to-date software is money. Versatility and interoperability in order to serve diverse clients is money. Apple has fallen flat on its face on all fronts.

      Your Mac Pro, like it or not, has been outclassed for 3.5 years. My 2010 Mac Pro is still in service — it’s been relegated to a media server and file archive. For productive work, Wintel boxes have left Macs in the dust.

  3. This issue with Apple dropping the ball on Macs has got your thongs in a knot, causing you to wail and pout and rend your garments over not receiving the techno candy to which you are feel your are so entitled. Once they are released you will completely forget about the issue like an infants that cannot comprehend object permanence, just like you complained and then proceeded to forget about the late-arriving HomePods and even later arriving software to stereo pair them.

    Can’t wait for the silence.

  4. NEW MacPro and NEW Apple Display’s will bring some hope back to many of us who are out of patience. Especially for a company with the money, resources and manufacturing Apple has.

  5. Just checked Apple’s certified refurbished Mac Mini’s page…

    I am still dumbfounded that Apple is selling the (four year old) i5s for a whopping 15% off the retail price, while the i7s are not discounted at all.

    Don’t expect to see any new Mac Mini on Oct 30th.

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