China consumer group wants compensation from Apple after IDs stolen via phishing

“A Chinese consumer body has criticized iPhone maker Apple Inc over a recent data security issue which impacted a number of consumers in China who said they had suffered financial losses after having their Apple IDs stolen,” Reuters reports.

“Apple said earlier this month that an internal investigation had found that a ‘small number of our users’ accounts were accessed through phishing scams where two-factor authentication was not enabled,'” Reuters reports. “The China Consumer Association said in a statement on its website that Apple should not shirk its responsibility and should compensate consumers in full. ‘Apple should not shift the blame, play down its own safety issues and divert consumers’ attention,’ the association said.”

Reuters reports, “The issue is a potential headache for Apple in the world’s second-largest economy, with the U.S. firm already facing a potentially tough balancing act in the country amid a whipsawing trade war between the United States and China.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s not Apple fault that users (1) failed to protect themselves by using the two-factor authentication that Apple offers and (2) turned over their passwords to scammer thieves by falling for what were probably blatantly obvious phishing scams.

Everyone’s a “victim.” Nobody bears any personal responsibility. Enough with the victim mentality. It’s your fault, not Apple’s.

You don’t want to spend a single minute reading about how to properly protect yourself and yet you want to email your passwords to random people? Then deal with the consequences yourselves, you obtuse morons.

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  1. Apple probably will do something, however if they do anything, it should be to tell the to stick it where the sun don’t shine, its not Apple’s fault that chinese users are ignorant.

  2. It just proves that there are scammers and idiots all over the world.

    To all those in China who believe they are owed an apology for responding to this obvious phishing scam: We’re sorry that you are so incredibly stupid. Stop crying and grow the F up.

  3. The problem is specific to the consumer group. They are not ignorant. They believe they can get Apple to bend, with the goal of manufacturing political clout. It does not matter who is right here, obviously they don’t want to hear the truth, because it’s not the point.

    In China, the consumer rights group is a branch of the government, just another angle on the trade conflict.

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