“Glassdoor’s new Top 100 CEOs list has some bad news for two industry giants. Bloomberg CEO Michael Bloomberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook saw huge drops in this year’s list as employee reviews suggested relative discontentment with the work cultures,” Aarthi Swaminathan reports for Yahoo Finance. “Bloomberg fell 67 spots — from #26 to #93 — while Cook is down to #96 from #53.”

“Results were compiled from employee reviews on Glassdoor,” Swaminathan reports. “Employees were asked to rate several factors tied to their employment experiences, including sentiment around the CEO’s leadership and workplace attributes regarding senior management.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook

“Apple’s Cook was the tech CEO with the biggest drop in rankings. The main grievance was also the work culture,” Swaminathan reports. “‘When we read reviews on Glassdoor, employees criticize the culture of secrecy, high stress and necessity to keep to a chain of command,’ said Scott Dobroski, a community expert at Glassdoor.”

At Apple, Swaminathan reports, “employees surveyed were also dissatisfied with the pace of change. ‘Employees also speak to how the leadership team is slow to take action once employee feedback is shared and how teams are often strapped for resources and time,’ said Dobroski.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like Glassdoor interviewed employees who need Mac Pros.

As we wrote last year when Cook dropped 45 spots:


Wonder if the extended period of Mac mismanagement and/or Cook’s outspoken personal politics that may not necessarily mesh 100% with 100% of employees’ views were contributing factors?

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