“After starting the week by criticizing Donald Trump’s decision-making, the leader of the world’s most valuable company ended it by poking at the president’s Twitter habit during his commencement speech at MIT on Friday,” Ryan Mac reports for BuzzFeed.

““I know MIT has a proud tradition of pranks, or as you would call them, ‘hacks,’ Cook joked. ‘I’ll never figure out how MIT students sent that Mars Rover to Kresge Oval or put a propeller beanie on the Great Dome. Or how you’ve obviously taken over the president’s Twitter account,'” Mac reports. “‘I can tell college students are behind it because most of the tweets happen at 3 a.m.,’ he added, as the crowd laughed.”

“While it seemed to be light-hearted, Cook’s quip at the president comes at an awkward time,” Mac reports. “Apple’s CEO has toed the line between deference to the president and standing up for his company’s principles, and while Cook has shown a willingness to work with Trump’s administration, he has also criticized its policies.”

Read more, including the complete transcript of Cook’s commencement address, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers the 2017 MIT Commencement Speech (starts at the 7:00 mark):

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