Apple CEO Cook To MIT grads: You must have hacked President Trump’s Twitter account

“After starting the week by criticizing Donald Trump’s decision-making, the leader of the world’s most valuable company ended it by poking at the president’s Twitter habit during his commencement speech at MIT on Friday,” Ryan Mac reports for BuzzFeed.

““I know MIT has a proud tradition of pranks, or as you would call them, ‘hacks,’ Cook joked. ‘I’ll never figure out how MIT students sent that Mars Rover to Kresge Oval or put a propeller beanie on the Great Dome. Or how you’ve obviously taken over the president’s Twitter account,'” Mac reports. “‘I can tell college students are behind it because most of the tweets happen at 3 a.m.,’ he added, as the crowd laughed.”

“While it seemed to be light-hearted, Cook’s quip at the president comes at an awkward time,” Mac reports. “Apple’s CEO has toed the line between deference to the president and standing up for his company’s principles, and while Cook has shown a willingness to work with Trump’s administration, he has also criticized its policies.”

Read more, including the complete transcript of Cook’s commencement address, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers the 2017 MIT Commencement Speech (starts at the 7:00 mark):

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    1. If only you’d watched the WWDC keynote and Platforms State of the Union presentation you’d have seen how critical H1B visas have certainly been to Apple. These aren’t people cheating others out of jobs. These are the top technology talents of the world being allowed, being welcome, being wanted to enter the USA and work with us and for us to help the country remain at the top of technology research and development.

      My father was similarly invited on a scholarship then later a visa in order to contribute the field of medicine here in the USA. Celebrate that this talent still WANTS to come to the USA. Let’s hope it stays that way. It’s certainly challenging the world’s view of my country when we have The Trump’s mouth in the White House. It’s my hope that The Trump’s mouth doesn’t deter the world’s tech talent from taking advantage of the H1B. If you bothered to think, you’d hope so too.

      1. You’re so correct. Sadly, we’ve abdicated particle physics to the EU and are getting reverse immigration (brain drain) to Europe.
        Hey! That gives me an idea… What if Apple establishes the World’s largest wall building materials in Europe? Could we drain somew wall builders there?

          1. For those red staters too stupid to get it.

            Meanwhile in Blue States… lots of people working and what’s that… license plates from:


            and others. Must be something in the water. (Delta Smelt)

            1. Ex-con, you failed to include those “Blue” States that voted for Trump:
              • Michigan
              • Pennsylvania
              • Ohio
              • Wisconsin

              you lose.


            2. The question is ; was it your mother with your brother or your father with your sister, or did it branch out to the outer circle of bottarda?

            3. …and the answer is:
              your mother.. with the crew of the capsized USS Guam on San Diego shore leave, Cap’n Hank Johnson leading the troops.

            4. Those aren’t blue states. They may swing blue at times but it’s desperate to try to include them as swing states in my argument. They are fly over states. The chitholes you all are so proud of.

              And I shouldn’t say that about them. We are the United States and I know all states have something to offer. It’s the scatheads in the trailer parks and churches that mess up America.

    2. One clear message shone through like a flash of lightning from James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning: Hillary Clinton was right about Donald Trump. Comey knew it from his very first meeting with Trump. “I felt compelled to document my first conversation with the President-Elect in a memo,” he testified, rushing “to type it on a laptop in an FBI vehicle outside Trump Tower the moment I walked out of the meeting.”

    3. This is where you are a paradox.

      Are you a Republican speaking against US business interests? If so, stop being a Republican, you’re in the wrong crowd.

      When this country starts treating educated people like rock stars, then it would strengthen your point.

        1. Then what the fuck are you, you annoying prick? You talk and smell like a self centered xenophobic greedy republican with no economic sense and zero regard for anyone else. Everyone is looking forward to the day you have a coronary, bankrupt yourself with your trumpcare, and let MDN revert back to being a tech site to discuss the Mac.

          1. you know, you do not have to read nor respond to my posts.

            PS: “Trumpcare” as you call it, has not even been given to the Senate. You’re just not very bright.

  1. Oh, please, please, dear Jesus, let those MIT engineers hack Trump’s twitter account. I’d love to see that fat slob suffer further humiliation.

    Russia owns him.

      1. Why? Weed is legal in many places. There is always medical if you have the right ailments.

        I would suggest you get some mescaline or LSD. Weed is good but if you really want to open your mind, the psychotropics are the way to go.

    1. They are not needed, Trump is perfectly capable of shooting his own foot.
      Now, it they want to go after his email . . . he does love WikiLeaks. 😉

  2. It’s so nice to now have a President who sleeps very little and works all hours of the day and night to Make America Great Again!

      1. It allows the President to speak directly to the people without the lying spin of the Yellow Stream Media.

        Keep on tweeting, Mr. President.

        1. How SAD is it that the president is so despised that he cannot go on television and talk to the American people? Answer me that bot.

          I guess he can’t confine it to the ameriKKKan people,

          1. CitizenX Registered User
            Thursday, June 8, 2017 – 2:47 am · Reply

            “LOL… I’m so awesome, I was 5 cells down from Charles Manson and 10 cells down from Juan Corona one weekend…”

            ..answer me this, ex-con, what were you convicted of to be thrown in jail with Manson and Corona?

            1. Bot…. I was just passing through on a 90 day psych eval. they wanted to know why this megalomaniac committed burglary and had weed.

              Simple answer(s)
              My ex girlfriend had given me the keys to the high school.

              got arrested 23 days after turning 18

              And just because I was being transported when that happened, does not mean I didn’t walk the yard at Soledad, Tracy, Chino with some of the baddest mofos you will ever see.

              But this was pre war on drugs. Sure there was violence. You could get yourself in trouble with others and end up dead or worse, someones bitch.

              Like I said. Thanks to the good graces of California and rehabilitation programs, I walked out of there a Certified Teachers Aide and Small Group leader. Studied TA (Games People Play for a popular reference) from people who studied under the author of the book. Eric Berne.

              I wasn’t really a bad guy. Just a nerd gone bad.

              And I have nerd credentials. A/V club in High School. Pushing around a VW size video tape machine and all.

            2. hmm….
              “My ex girlfriend had given me the keys to the high school.”

              I don’t see you blaming yourself anywhere on that list of excuses. Not that I would expect a drug addled, ex-con race baiter to take any responsibility for himself.

              You’re just another liar.

              PS: I find your story of a first-time offender being thrown into a maximum security prison with infamous mass murderers somewhat difficult to believe.

            3. Bot, bot, bot. I was passing through. What better place to stash a fresh faced kid at the prison than in the maximum security wing. I wasn’t going anywhere and no one was going to bother me.

              But see, your simple mind can’t grasp complex things so I am not surprised you are fixated on the scat. Fulfills your need. That scat…

            4. You did notice the one weekend reference hopefully bot. Passing through. To give you an idea of the time frame… actually real date. I arrived at CMC East the day Timothy Leary escaped.

              Damn. I was hoping to meet him that weekend but he escaped the night before. It’s not often you get to meet your heroes

              Yep, Felon. Ex-Con. Pulled myself up by my bootstraps from that hole, to make history in the PC business,

              Did a year of “farm labor”. Working with older Mexican ladies. Probably illegal in 74/75

            5. Actually it was a nursery. Cottage Gardens in Eureka, CA.
              We shipped the finest ferns grown on the west coast.

              Good for you. I’m glad you got it. What are you a doctor of?

              The con references will not make me feel bad. I’ve walked with giants.

              LOL… I was even a bouncer for some RAP shows. Met Queen Latifah, Ice-T, EazyE, Bootsy Collins.

      2. His tweets are ALWAYS selfish in origin and have more to do with asserting/securing Himself, than promoting an ideology that convicts him. I’m tired of hoping that he’ll one day change and leave behind the juvenile impulses that bring him to tweet “all hours of the (day and) night to Make (America) Him Great Again!” First 2014; do you have a mind that can be critical/honest in this realm?

      3. The have low expectations. Lots of false bravado, but by now, they have to know they made a mistake backing the clown. And they don’t even get to see a bunch of clown spill out of the car.

      1. At least he hasn’t said presidentin is hard work.. oh wait. he fooled the idiots by lying about how he will never have time to golf because he will be working so hard.

        It’s health care that’s hard work. And diplomacy. And education and…. and.. and..

  3. Tim CRUSHED it. I’ve had some issues with him through the years, but he really is a great leader. Steve Jobs picked well. No-one can ever replace Steve, but Tim I think is a good #2.

      1. Let this megalomaniac school your ignorant ass. Computers are becoming a mature industry. Let me spell it out for you.

        M A T U R E. Mature. The innovation curve has to flatten at some point. Why do you think people look for the “next big thing” which doesn’t happen that often.

        And before you get all snippy… remember when you got schooled before.

          1. I’m right you know. I’ve been right for over 30 years. Seriously.

            On another note. Did you read my story about the couple. That was true. Even down to the rainy night. Near closing time on an early darkness Seattle night.

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