Why Angela Ahrendts left Burberry for Apple

“When it was announced in 2013 that Angela Ahrendts would leave her long-time role as chief executive of Burberry to run Apple’s stores, the fashion label’s shares went down 5.5 percent,” Lucy Handley reports for CNBC.

“Today, Ahrendts admitted to doubts about the job opportunity at Apple. “It was funny … I fought joining Apple, because I thought I had the greatest job on the planet and we were flying, and life was incredible but it was the culture that we had built and the values of the team at Burberry that was so brilliant. (But Apple CEO) Tim (Cook) kept saying ‘trust me, trust me,'” she said, addressing an audience at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France on Wednesday,” Handley reports. “But the draw of Apple’s stores convinced her to accept the role as senior vice president of retail.”

“Ahrendts has said she thinks of the tech company’s stores as ‘town squares,’ due to initiatives such as ‘Today at Apple,’ which runs sessions each day on topics such as taking video with an iPhone to how to run a business,” Handley reports. “‘It has to serve a bigger purpose than just sell,’ she told the audience at Cannes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having Ahrendts, with a highly successful CEO-ship on her resume and available to step in for Cook at a moment’s notice should some unforeseen tragedy happen, is invaluable.

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  1. why?


    The Guardian:
    “Apple boss Tim Cook’s pay package more than doubled last year to $9.22m as the iPhone maker’s share price soared to record levels. But Angela Ahrendts, his new head of retail, took home the biggest award in 2014 – a whopping $73.3m – boosted by a massive sign-on package.”

      1. you are right.

        I actually had that info there at the bottom but I took it out as the quote mentioned a sign-on package (although not specifying what it was for) . her pay today is around 20-30 m I believe which is still more than Cook . The numbers change again when share awards are counted.

      1. I’ve listened to her giving a significant speech while she was CEO of Burberry ( which I previously mentioned on here when she first moved to Apple ) and afterwards recorded some lengthy interviews with her. She’s a very impressive speaker and her track record at Burberry was fantastic. She was also very popular with the staff there too. She’s a smart lady in every sense of that phrase.

  2. MDN you are nuts. She would make the hell stew that is Tim Cook seem like paradise if she took stewardship of Apple. She’s less technical than Skully. While I do not think you need to be an uber geek, you have to “get” tech at an intuitive level. She does not. This would be a disaster.

    1. Importantly, under her stewardship, apple store experience has gone down hill greatly.

      From the article: “You guys have been to Apple stores, you feel that energy and the values at Apple of the store teams and the loyalty and the tenure. The company’s values are aligned with my values and when you have that (you think) ‘let’s go.'”

      Yea, since she took over, the stores employ geniuses that are far from geniuses (they seem to be more script based than ever), with huge wait times, and much poorer quality of interactions. If I have to go to an apple store, Im glad I can use the app to not interact with anyone, get in, get what I want and get the hell out.

      This slide is most decidedly on her. She took the reins of the most successful per/sq ft retail chain with the highest customer satisfaction levels and now it is lessor. Her sole and ‘big’ contribution has been to add plants. She’s at best an overpaid un-innovative stopgap to Ron Johnson, who I wish Apple would take back and replace her with.

  3. Teflon coated executives always jump to the next lily pad before the shit pile they left on the prior one is discovered. Seldom if ever does anyone link bad decisions to bad performance, the time gap between the two exceeds the maximum 3 month attention span of most corporate executives.

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