“Top black lawmakers are paying a visit to Airbnb, Apple, Twitter and other tech giants this week, as they continue their crusade to improve Silicon Valley’s hiring practices and train a new generation of diverse engineers and entrepreneurs,” Tony Romm reports for The Washington Post. “For members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who arrived in the Bay Area on Monday, the tech sector has been too slow to diversify its executive ranks, invest in minority-owned start-ups and assist workers who can’t find jobs in tech hubs, like San Francisco, or afford those cities’ sky-high costs of living.”

“‘We’re letting companies know they must provide greater opportunity to African Americans,’ said Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) in an interview, adding they would ‘expose any company that provides lip service,'” Romm reports. “At Apple, which the CBC visited Monday, about 9 percent of its U.S. workforce is black while 54 percent of it is white, according to its most recent employment report. Still, the iPhone maker has said roughly half of its new hires between July 2016 and July 2017 came from ‘historically underrepresented groups in tech,’ including women and people of color.”

“‘The pace of change is much too slow,’ said Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democratic congresswoman who represents a district not far from Silicon Valley, during an interview,” Romm reports. “Among her constituents, she said she knows ‘many, many cases of African Americans who wanted to break into the workforce here … and never were able to do that.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: In a tweet late yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged the meeting:

It was an honor to host the #CBCTech2020 task force at Apple Park today for a conversation about diversity in tech. Thank you @RepBarbaraLee, @GKButterfield and @RepGregoryMeeks for your leadership. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

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