The 3 top reasons why people dump Android and upgrade to Apple’s iPhone

“As it stands, the market battle between Android and iPhone seems set to continue forever, but you can’t ignore that the majority of users who do switch are abandoning Google for Apple,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “What follows are three of the biggest reasons for doing so, identified by Creative Strategies, as Apple’s iPhone sales threaten to spike.”

Reason #1: Security: The value and personal importance of the information kept on our devices has become more important, and Apple’s security story has emerged to be much stronger than that told by competitors. Consumers are not stupid, and as they become more switched on to the value of their digital data, they become more likely to migrate to the more secure iOS platform.

Reason #2: Sync In contrast to competitors, Apple’s platforms are far better at syncing passwords, settings, images and other items between all your devices using the same Apple ID. You can even set up a new iPhone just by tapping it with your old one in iOS 11. That kind of convenience makes it so much easier for consumers rapidly engaging in a multi-device, multiple-service, cross platform digital existence. This sync extends across to Apple’s Macs, of course.

Reason #3: Service Apple’s customer service and support sets the bar.

“The three reasons given above come from a Creative Strategies report from Tim Bajarin,” Evans writes. “One more thing in his report? He thinks around 30 percent of Android users are thinking of switching to an iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’ve stumbled here from Google on your pretend iPhone from a South Korean dishwasher maker, do yourself a favor: Take the red pill. We’ll welcome you home with open arms!

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  1. I really, like, really love apple. I just wish that ios would be a little bit better at managing files. The way it works today you must fit perfectly to what apple offers (using pages, keynote, etc), or go through a lot of workarounds.
    The problems with software excellence also are very upsetting

    1. I’m not saying that android is better, i’m just sad to see the bar getting lower (software issues, the notch, etc.). Apple is better than this and should always go for perfection

  2. The numbers say Android smartphone market share percentage continues to grow far faster than iPhone market share, so I don’t know exactly how many Android smartphone users are switching to iPhones. Most consumers all over the world seem to be much happier buying $500 or less Android smartphones. Even American tech people and American reporters seem to drop their jaws over iPhone X price sticker shock. That really surprises me because $1000 doesn’t seem like an awful lot of money when spread out with installments.

    Whatever Apple does, there are a lot of people unhappy with the company. Amazon and Alphabet and Microsoft seem to be the go-to companies of the biggest investors because they believe Apple is still a zero-growth company. There has to be some reason for that. I don’t make up the rules for Wall Street. I just call it as I see it.

    If Android users are dumping their smartphones for iPhones it must be something like one person out of every fifty persons. In fact, just this morning a Bernstein analyst said Apple’s iPhone business was basically on the rocks because Apple was being managed poorly using an outdated business model. If that’s not enough to make potential investors run for the hills, then I don’t know what is. As far as Wall Street is concerned, Apple isn’t doing anything right so a slight increase in iPhone sales by way of Android smartphone switchers isn’t going to help Apple very much.

    1. I have no problem acknowledging that cheap Android phones have the majority of worldwide marketshare. They took the place of the cheap feature phones of the mid-2000s. But, surely you have participated on this forum long enough to understand the fragmentation of Android, macnificentseven48?

      A cheap Chinese knockoff Android phone is not the same as a Google Pixel2, which is not the same as the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. And none of the Android phones are truly the same as the iPhone, although the Samsung flagship models probably come the closest.

      And, despite the fact that many Android users are going for the sub-$500 models, you also know that those phones are not flagship quality. Check the prices on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 — they are comparable to the iPhone 8/8 plus. The iPhone X starts about $70-$100 above that level for the most advanced phone in the world. A reasonable number of people will pay about 11% more for the premier product in the world of its type.

      Apple is not worried about worldwide marketshare. Apple is focused on its share of the medium to high-end market segments. Aple’s previous year models and the smaller SE support the medium segment, the iPhone 8/8 plus is dominant at the high end, and the new iPhone X currently has no peer at the pinnacle.

      Then you start shoveling the FUD…trying to scare us with “lots of people are unhappy” with Apple and a Bernstein analyst said that Apple’s iPhone business is “basically on the rocks.” Oh, and then you dropped the classic “Apple isn’t doing anything right” on us. Really? Nothing right? Nothing at all? And from what orifice did you pull the “biggest investors believe that Apple is a zero-growth company”? Granted, the P/E of AAPL is moderate, not elevated like Google or Amazon. But that does not imply zero growth, it implies moderate growth.

      Are you attempting to be humorous, macnificentseven48? Or do you really believe the contents of your post?

      1. What exactly is your concern over FUD? Apple surely spreads enough of it’s own as well, so if you hate FUD because it’s dishonest I commend you, but then I would expect you to hold Apple to the same standard, so I have my doubts.

        Does FUD make your own devices less enjoyable or useful to you? If your motive is because you own Apple stock, then you are an investor, which puts you in a conflicting position and cuts your credibility.

        So why do you care?

    2. “As far as Wall Street is concerned, Apple isn’t doing anything right”
      What a stupid statement. One response: Warren Buffet. Another: Your blanket statement is totally clueless… many on Wall Street do support Apple (how do you think it achieved its biggest cap?) – but if you continue to be led by the nose by those thieves and frauds who daily manipulate stock prices, then you will continue to make such a fool of yourself.

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