“I swapped my iPhone 7 Plus for Apple’s 10th-anniversary handset for a month to find out what it would be like to live with this device,” Mark Spoonauer writes for Tom’s Guide. “After 30 days, I believe it’s the best phone you can buy.”

“That doesn’t mean the iPhone X is flawless,” Spoonauer writes. “At first, not having a home button on the iPhone X felt like riding a bike without handlebars. But over time, I started getting used to the gestures, and now, I don’t really miss the button.”

“Face ID is generally more reliable than Touch ID. During my time with the iPhone X, I have never had to wipe crumbs or sweat off my fingers to get into the device — something I did have to worry about with the iPhone 7 Plus,” Spoonauer writes. “But I did run into a couple of occasions in which the device didn’t let me in on the first try. And it’s not because the phone didn’t recognize me; it’s because you’re supposed to stare directly at the iPhone X before you swipe up on the screen to unlock the handset.”

MacDailyNews Note: Tuen off Face ID’s awareness requirement if you’d like to trade a bit of security for ease-of-use and speed.

Spoonauer writes, “After 30 days, I can say with confidence that the iPhone X is the best iPhone ever and that it is the best phone you can buy, period.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone X is so clearly the best smartphone on the market, even an Android settler could see it.