“I’ve been trying out the iPhone X for nine days now, longer than anyone on the planet outside Apple, apparently. So I’ve had time to get to grips with the handset, check out the new interface, the battery life and just how intrusive the screen ‘notch’ turns out to be.,” David Phelan writes for Forbes. “The whole thing has an opulent, high-end feel to it. Looks-wise, it’s the classiest iPhone yet.”

“Switch on and all is revealed. The frame that runs around the display is wider than many expected, roughly the width of the bezel that runs down the long sides on the iPhone 8 Plus. Why is that? My guess is that it’s a design choice made on the basis that the bezel is precisely even all the way around the phone, perhaps instead of having wider bezels at the sides than the ends or vice versa,” Phelan writes. “The OLED that Apple has used is a flexible one that is folded underneath, with individual pixel control giving rise to the perfectly round corners all around the display. Very Apple. It’s a matter of taste but personally I like the way the bezel defines the screen.”

Apple's revolutionary iPhone X

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X

“Then there’s the TrueDepth camera system or, as many people call it, the notch,” Phelan writes. “There’s no denying it, it’s a dominant element on the iPhone X. It’s an unmissable feature that catches your eye every time you look at the screen. And then, suddenly, it vanishes. After, I would say, about two days of using the phone, being indifferent or even gently annoyed by it, the notch became utterly unobtrusive. I had got used to it.”

MacDailyNews Take: All hail the human brain’s ability to invoke Notch Blindness™!

“The big changes, the ones that took me longest to find natural, were the ones caused by the removal of the Home Button and how the iPhone X works… this took me literally two days to stop me from trying to press the missing Home Button,” Phelan writes. “Muscle memory is a powerful thing after years of iPhone use.”

MacDailyNews Take: A hearty “Boo!” (which reminds us, Happy Halloween!), to the human brains’s muscle memory!

“This is, of course, the best iPhone yet,” Phelan writes. “At the price Apple is charging, it needs to be. But it’s a highly competent phone. It looks gorgeous, so you’d be forgiven for saying it had you at hello.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another strong review for iPhone X – and this one is from someone who’s spent more than 15-18 hours with the device (as all other reviews published today have)!

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