CNBC reviews Apple’s iPhone X: ‘The best smartphone on the market’

“I’m glad I bought the iPhone X,” Todd Haselton writes for CNBC. “Apple provided me with a review unit on Monday and I’ve been using it as much as possible, specifically trying to hone in on Apple’s new features. You can unlock the iPhone X by looking at it, for example. It has a display that covers almost the entire front of the phone. The cameras are incredible.”

“The iPhone X display is the best display I’ve ever seen on a smartphone,” Haselton writes. “Thanks to TrueTone, Apple’s display technology, the screen always shows the most accurate colors no matter the lighting environment. It’s bright, colorful and viewable from all angles.”

“The iPhone X hardware is the best I’ve ever seen Apple make. On the front and back, it has hardened glass that is the most resistant to shattering (though the company warns it’s still glass and can break!)” Haselton writes. “I love the steel running around the borders. It gives the phone a more premium look than aluminum. It’s also easier to hold than the larger iPhone 8 Plus but offers a larger screen (5.8 inches versus 5.5 inches) since the display runs from edge to edge and top to bottom. Know this: When you pick up the iPhone X, it feels like a $1,000 phone.”

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“Should you buy the iPhone X? If you’re like me and you want the best smartphone on the market, then yes, the iPhone X is the phone you should buy,” Haselton writes. “If you find yourself on your phone more than you do on your computer, constantly staring down at it, then why not get the best one there is? …The iPhone X is the best iPhone Apple has ever made.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well now, there’s a pretty positive review to start things out!


  1. According to other reviews, there is some screen tweaking to be done by many app developers- as you would expect for any aspect ratio change. I’m anxiously awaiting the facial recognition performance. Thats got to be 95% or better or it will really be a bummer.

  2. My iPhone X Slate Grey 256Gb will be here on Friday. I hope the “early adopters” don’t pay a price in potential component issues. Of course since the iPhone 2007 I haven’t had that problem yet even with the brief “antennae-gate” issues that I never experienced.

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