The power of shooting RAW photographs on iPhone X

“I take a lot of photos. Usually I pack either a Sony A7R2 or a Leica M — two cameras with massive sensors and brilliant lenses,” Sebastiaan de With blogs for Halide. “But lately, I’ve been shooting exclusively with the iPhone X, and have found it absolutely excellent.”

“I am the design half of the team that makes the iPhone app Halide, which is a camera app with manual controls and, most importantly, RAW capture,” de With writes. “RAW affords you editing freedom. Absolute freedom to change the colors and white balance of a photo, or recover too-bright highlights and too-dark shadows.”

“Shooting in RAW on your iPhone can lead to some spectacular results!” de With writes. “In the mean time, we’re working hard on Halide 1.6 to ease some of iOS’ quirks when it comes to RAW support. We think it’ll help a lot of users that are confused about RAW… in our next big update, we’ll save both a RAW and a Processed image in your camera roll. It’ll look like single image, so it won’t clutter your camera roll. Apps that support RAW will know how to access it, while apps that don’t will fall back to a *full resolution*, preprocessed image. This will be much less surprising to people. We’ll have an option to opt-out of this, if you want to save a little storage space.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Halide – RAW Manual Camera by Chroma Noir is an iOS-only app that’s an absolute steal for just $4.99. Get it for your iPhone if you’re the least bit serious about photography.

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