iOS 11 already running on nearly 60% of iPhones and iPads

“iOS 11 is now running on 59 percent of iPhones and iPads according to Apple, which has updated its developer support page with the new data,” Steve Ranger reports for ZDNet.

“Apple also said that, as of 4 December, another 33 percent of devices were running on iOS 10, and eight percent were running earlier versions of the operating system,” Ranger reports. “In contrast, only 0.3 percent of Android devices are running Android 8 (Oreo), which became available in August this year.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bwahahahahaha!

Ranger reports, “Around 20 percent are still on Android 7 (Nougat), and about 30 percent are still on Android 6 (Marshmallow) and slightly less (27%) are still using Lollipop — version 5, which was released back in 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, granted, this is only because fragmandroid is a BlackBerry clone that was hastily rejiggered by Google at the last minute to mimic Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. Obviously, many mistakes were made.

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  1. Anyone else notice a dramatic slow-down on their iPhone 6? Mine has slowed to a crawl since I installed 11. I have been hoping one of the updates would help, but not yet.

    Side note: Wife just got an X, and it is lighting fast. Yes, I am jealous, but it was her turn for an upgrade :\

    1. You’re right, I am one who won’t update to iOS until I have to, or until Apple modifies its draconian blocking access to MAC addresses/ARP table in iOS 11. Working in IT, I use my iPhone for a variety of network management and troubleshooting tasks, and that is severely limited by this “solution in search of a problem” iOS 11 policy. There’s a petition at asking Apple to either revert this policy or make it at setting those of us who need it can switch back on, and the petition is approaching 19K signatories.
      In the past few months my iPhone has complained about low storage space several times. Each time, I have found that Apple has pushed the iOS 11 update installer to my phone without my consent, taking up over a 1 GB of space. I delete it, but then it downloads again in the background. What the hell has happened to this company?

  2. My iPhone 6 Plus is much slower with iOS 11

    Lag with texting, photos. Launching apps. Keyboard
    I have tons of space on the 128gb storage. Somehow iCloud compressed and opened about 100 gb space
    Anyone know what happened? Mostly photos I’m guessing. But radically more than iOS 10 dud.

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