Apple iPhone X still excites one month in: More powerful than an iPhone Plus in a killer form factor

“After the iPhone X announcement, I was more than satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and didn’t even consider an iPhone X,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet. “However, thanks to the new T-Mobile Jump On Demand switch every 30 day program, giving the Apple iPhone X a trial was a quick and easy process.”

“Last month, I passed the 10 day period and my excitement for the device remained high. Now, 30 days later I continue to enjoy the daily experience with the phone and I will not be visiting T-Mobile to swap out for another phone,” Miller writes. “It feels like $1,000 phone should and gives me iPhone Plus level battery life and a big display experience in a small iPhone form factor. I cannot express enough how impressive the form factor is.”

“The Apple AirPods work seamlessly with the iPhone X. The Apple Watch Series 3 is clearly the best smartwatch for iPhone users and both work very well together,” Miller writes. “When you have family and friends using iPhones, iMessage and Find My Friends are superb experiences that have no equal on Android.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.
Apple’s iPhone X. Powered by the amazing A11 Bionic. Say hello to the future.

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MacDailyNews Take: For us, our first month with iPhone X has proven to be the longest an iPhone has offered excitement since the original iPhone. It’s fun to use and notably powerful every day and we don’t expect this feeling to wane soon, if ever (well, at least until we get our iPhone X Pro units next year)!

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  1. My iPhone X started to crash about every 20 seconds after the security update. I restarted several times, but it kept crashing.

    Fourtanitly, the latest update to 11.2 resolved this issue and I am much happier now.

    One thing that I hate is full-screen videos being marred by that stupid notch. That notch also obscures important control buttons in Lux DLX – one of my favorite games. I sure wish I could control how full-screen is handled on my phone. I would like to ignore the notch obstructed pixels in favor of a narrower full-screen experience.

    I don’t miss the home button much, but it did work better for me in the middle of the night when I use a c-pap machine. Face recognition still doesn’t work with that, but maybe I can train it to work. I still have a bit of hope in that area.

    Battery life was 4 hours and 40 minutes on my first day of playing with it constantly to try everything out. It is much better now, but not as good as I would like.

    Overall, it is better than my iPhone 7 plus, but I really don’t like the notch interfering with the full-screen experiance.

  2. “…and gives me iPhone Plus level battery life and a big display experience…”

    Big display experience until you’re watching a video and need to zoom out to hide the notch, in which case the crop shrinks the video to nearly the same size as a regular iPhone.

    Us iPhone 8 Plus users don’t have to worry about that, though.

  3. What jaded lives people must have if excitement after a month is even a subject for discussion. I let go of the link between my happiness and THINGS at a very young age. I highly recommend it.

  4. Ever notice how some people expect others to validate their consumer electronic devices purchases. It seem that these people aren’t content with their purchases unless you applaud their decision.

    1. Ever notice how some people expect others to validate their consumer electronic devices non-purchases. It seem that these people aren’t content with their decision not to purchase unless you applaud their whining.

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