Apple’s years of work on AR and VR will pay off in the 2020 smartglasses

“Apple’s work in the virtual reality and augmented reality field has produced a considerable number of patents and applications, which could lead to the eventual creation of the iPhone maker’s first headset,” Malcolm Owen writes for AppleInsider. “Reports over the years have speculated on Apple producing some form of headset or smart glasses that use augmented reality or virtual reality. Earlier reports suggested the hardware could arrive in 2021, while an investor note from Ming-Chi Kuo points towards a 2020 launch, but ultimately it means there isn’t that long to wait for Apple to launch a product in the space, at least in theory.”

Owen writes, “The same rumors point to the use of technologies like WiGig to connect to a nearby iPhone or other host device to create a lightweight headset, and to the use of an 8K display per eye for an optimal user experience.”

Apple U.S. patent application illustration
Apple U.S. patent application illustration

“While the rumors offer speculation based on the writer’s thoughts, one of the few bits of evidence confirming Apple is working in the graphics field is the existence of multiple patents,” Owen writes. “Assorted applications and granted patents have surfaced over the years, showing not only how Apple intends to produce software and apps made for AR and VR experiences, but also hinting at hardware designs and applications further afield from just headsets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get ready to have your mind blown!

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  1. This is way too early to call without seeing a finished product or how it’s going to be priced. ARKit was quite hyped over the last couple of years and almost nothing came of it. Certainly nothing that was able to boost iPhone sales. Considering how fast Samsung is churning out full-featured smartphones, I’m sure Samsung will also be able to match any glasses Apple can produce.

    The only advantage Apple has over Samsung will be its retail stores and a more cohesive ecosystem. Apple is surely going to have to offer fair pricing for any AR glasses. I’m sure consumers will balk at paying for any glasses costing $500-$700. This is just my opinion and I’m guessing the launch will be late 2020 in time for the holidays.

    I honestly can’t imagine average consumers wearing AR glasses, but maybe I’ve become too narrow-minded. They’d sure have to be really special to get me to buy them.

  2. This will be an integrated software/hardware solution that will not be easy to duplicate. It has been two years and no one has duplicated Face ID.

    1. Wrong, Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro has an excellent Face ID clone and Oppo has one, too.

      It’s amazing to see people who think they know something when they obviously don’t. As always, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially when wielded by the uneducated.

        1. Yes, it is clear you are uneducated when you point to an article with a Mate 20 using pre-release models with ore-release software that has now seen many updates.

          Got any more examples or is pre-release software from Oct 2018 the best you can do?

          If you can’t find any other examples, then that would be rather nefarious, Fesarius

          1. How much of an uneducated dullard with unearned braggadocio do you want to present yourself? Oct. 18th was just a couple months ago. I haven’t found a single online article that says their Face Unlock is on par with Apple’s Face I.D. despite one update since October. One reviewer said the Mate 20 Pro software seems immature, has just average speakers, and reports of faulty displays.

            If you can’t find any other supportive examples, then that would be just another example of your unflagging flatulence eh flunky?

            Huawei Mate 20 Pro update improves face unlock, camera quality, adds December security patch

            1. I looked and couldn’t find any reference to Huawei’s Face ID failing save for that first one you linked to. Maybe you should come up with further examples? Face ID was fooled by a mother and child so it’s not foolproof either. I love Face ID and use it every day.

            2. The onus is not on me to prove Apple’s Face ID is better than the competition but on others here to verify Apple’s competition has as good a Face ID or better. Try reading the posts first before commenting to get the general thread. The “Mother and child” Face ID issue was in 2017, hardly something recent.

  3. This somehow reminds me of an old story about an accident that happened in a factory where eyeglasses were being manufactured. One of the workers fell into a vat of molten glass and made a spectacle of himself.

  4. I’m not going to bother with technology until the form factor gets a lot smaller. At the moment the glasses look like a cross between a sleep mask and a ski mask on steroids. Did I mention that they’re not comfortable at all?

    In the past I would’ve expected Apple to get it right…at a premium price. Nowadays, I just don’t have any confidence in Apple bringing out a product “that just works”.

  5. MDN take ‘Get ready to have your mind blown!’

    Two years ago Google glass wearers were ‘Glassholes’

    If anyone thinks the privacy paranoid brand that Apple has become will suddenly create an outward facing, wearable device capable of recording and identifying objects. You actually are a Glasshole. They won’t even create a decent smart home automation device because they’re too worried about it listening for an actual command!

    1. Maybe Glassholes will turn into Slapples, whose faces will be slapped by those worried about being surreptitiously filmed?

      Or perhaps they will be called Hapless… Or Crapples. Or Trapples as the so-called iSheep feel trapped into buying them so they maintain their iSheep status, stupid though that name is?

      If people start looking at their private parts with their glasses on, we can called them Fapples… in their own private Fappening.

      The nose notch will be a giant gapple on the screen…

      People who can’t stop talking about how wonderful Apple Glasses are will be called Yapples…

      People who photograph everyone that can with their iGlasses will be called Papples…

      poor rap artists wearing them will be called Rapples…

      Android wearers feeling sapped by all the iGlasses superiority will be calling wearers Sapples…

      Japanese iGlass wearers will be Japples…

      Smoothly clothed iGlass wearers will be Dapples

      Vaping iGlass wearers will be Vapples

      Those who wear broken iGlasses in the rain and thus running the risk of electric shock will be Zapples.

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