Why there shouldn’t be a ‘next Facebook’

“There’s no future for social media networks,” Tristan Greene writes for TNW. “When millennials are in their 40s, they’ll look back on the days of social media networks with the same sense of nostalgia Generation X remembers AOL. Facebook and most of the others will be gone before you know it, and there won’t be any replacements.”

Greene writes, “I just wish we could do something to speed up the process.”

“The reason for my negative outlook: social networks don’t actually do anything. They’re all just doorways to other people’s information — like the ‘web access portals’ of the 90s,” Greene writes. “But, it isn’t just people’s mercurial nature that makes me believe our love affair with likes and shares is ending. Social media networks are like cigarettes: they provide certain benefits, but are still bad for you.”

“As soon as someone comes up with a new way of sharing and engaging in social media that gets rid of all the crap, we’ll forget about Zuckerberg and Jack,” Greene writes. “Ideally, we’d share social media over a non-profit decentralized platform maintained through open source code. I have no idea what this magical decentralized way of engaging with each other and sharing media will look like. But I’m confident a generation that’s grown up on social media networks and modern technology will figure it out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pull the plug on the corrosive Facebook.

If you want to share photos and videos with friends, text them using Apple’s end-to-end encrypted iMessage service. You need to control your social networking data, not cede it to a gatekeeper like Facebook.

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  1. When the net was young and online forums were new I remember a discussion about how great the internet was, and it was indeed great. You’d meet people from all over the world and though there was some disagreement on ideas, for the most part there was interest and respect for others.

    Along the lines there were conversations that one day the internet would be ruined, tainted and that a tell tale sign would be advertisers and politicians arriving on the scene.

    Empowerment is an important idea, MDN hits the nail on the head once again about the need to control one’s private data online.

    1. What I remember before the “Internet” we know today, before the Information Superhighway, was email spammers and no effective security protocols. I remember Delphi, Red Ryder and squealy modems. I remember viruses. Even back then there were stalkers and script kiddies. I don’t own rose-coloured glasses.

      1. I sure remember stuff like that as well but I did not sweat that stuff, the joy of communicating with people around the world and the exchange of ideas was worth it, at least to me. I don’t own rose-colored glasses either but then again, I don’t have a stars and skidmarks with a flag pole shoved up my ass either.

      2. Some further reflection, I remember chain letters prior to the internet’s popularity, never any return address to them so you never knew who was sending them. To my surprise after the net and email became popular I started receiving some, from people I knew. Now most of them go along the lines of “forward this message to X number of people and you’ll get something nice” but some of them added “if you don’t forward this message bad things will happen to you” and those impressed me really less. So I took it upon myself to compose a reply to these chain letters now that I knew who was sending them. It went along the lines of “This is a karma protection letter that will protect you from any threats you receive in a chain mail letter. If you reply to anyone that sends you a threatening chain letter not only will you be safe from any threats made towards you but their threats will be reflected upon them ten fold.”

        I sent it out once, to someone who had sent me one such nasty chain letter and that was it. She lost it, she went ballistic, essentially she could not take the crap she was dishing out, and wanted nothing to do with me anymore. Fine with me and interestingly enough, I don’t get chain letters anymore.

        It’s kind of like that favor I asked you to make a post paying respect next time there was a mass shooting, in this case the YouTube shooter. Under that topic there were 30 plus replies and three of them I gauge were proper condolences, yours, mine and the first one made by snoop dog. Nothing in the quality arena to get excited about but in terms of quality, they were there and it does make a difference.

        Point is that you can focus on what you want, that is the power within. Harness that and you won’t have to wear rose colored glasses, the light will shine from within.

        1. The world was never a better place than it is today, because life is lived in the present, and there is nothing else like life. You and I and everyone else revels in it!

          It’s the future that presents grave problems. People place bets upon future outcomes, and do battle on this calculus. It’s the basis of the insurance industries, of family and estate planning and aristocratic succession, of technical analysis in the stock markets, and of game theory in economics and military strategy. Historians tend to be crabbed reactionaries, doom-sayers citing past cataclysms as portents of the future. Politicians are piss-poor predictors of the future because they say things only to get elected. Scientists are useless in this endeavor, as their predictions are limited to well-understood phenomena, and humans are anything but. Religions keep changing their stories about when the world will end.

          Robert J. Sawyer, in Quantum Night, postulates that ALL of our problems stem from multiple states of human consciousness;— one state being unfeeling psychopaths; one consisting of semiconscious robot-like followers; and one from a minority of fully conscious, socially caring individuals with free will. The ratio was 6:4:1. In Sawyer’s book, a psychotic US President invades Canada and is condemned by Vladimir Putin for violating a sovereign nation. There was no mention of Iceland. Fiction can be, at times, more illuminating than playing badminton with the facts.

      3. local networks were better. local bbs’s were real communities, because people could actually meet.

        there were no trolls. because we all knew where you lived.

    1. I don’t understand how this analogy even makes sense. Our social networking ‘data’ is inherently ours. It’s our personal information. A device is something we have to purchase from a company like Apple or Samsung. If you don’t like one company’s device you can buy a different one instead. It’s not even remotely the same thing as our personal information.

  2. Social Media has become a vice.
    4 years ago I got sick and tired of seeing stupid bathroom selfies and silly poses. The display of narcissism is sicking.
    So deleted my FB account with 600+ “friends”, created a new one where I only follow stuff that I’m interested and ZERO “friends”. Solely use it as a news aggregator.
    It’ll be nice to have a service where one can consolidate news, topics of interests etc. where Zuckie’s hands are not touching it. That creep is dangerous.

  3. The problem isn’t that Facebook is filled with political, religious, and downright stupid junk. The problem is that Facebook makes it impossible to hide that stuff. I enjoy people original posts and photos. I HATE shares.

    As for Facebook giving away my data, well, none of my information was given away in the recent scandal because all my posts are marked as viewable by friends only.

  4. “Ideally, we’d share social media over a non-profit decentralized platform maintained through open source code.”
    Well, heck, we’ve got that already! It’s called “the internet”. It’s “network” without the “social”. Add social, and you automatically become centralized so… yah.

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