Apple’s iPad Pro from the perspective of a college student

“With the introduction of the iPad Pro and the subsequent unveiling of iOS 11, Apple has continually asserted that the iPad is the future of computing,” Samuel Rentz writes for iDownload Blog. “It has been a slow process getting to where we are now, but due to a few key developments, I chose this past summer to switch from my seasoned 13-inch MacBook Air to the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro for the bulk of my college computing needs.”

“The simple premise that the smart connector allows the quick detachment and attachment of a keyboard is a transformative idea that allows this tablet to operate in three modes that I call: entertainment mode, notepad mode, and productivity mode,” Rentz writes. “Between these three modes, the iPad Pro can accomplish the vast majority of tasks college students perform every single day.”

“If you decide that iOS will work for you like it has for me and that the cost is not prohibitive, then I would absolutely recommend switching over to iPad Pro for your studies,” Rentz writes. “The versatility provided by Apple’s top notch tablet combined with the powerful features in iOS 11 is too strong of a contender to overlook without at least some consideration.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: As people grow up with iPads and iPhones versus traditional personal computers, Steve Jobs’ cars and trucks analogy/prediction will be realized.

Finally, the promise of iPad is realized.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 5, 2017

What’s more natural than dragging and dropping with your finger? It’s certainly more natural than doing so with a mouse. With iOS 11, many people’s biggest conundrum for their next road machines went from MacBook vs. MacBook Pro to 10.5-inch iPad Pro vs. 12.9-inch iPad Pro. — MacDailyNews, June 9, 2017

iPad Pro. The future of computing is here (or will be, as soon as iOS 11 is released this autumn).MacDailyNews, June 23, 2017

Since its inception, iPad has always been the future of personal computing for the masses, it just really needed what iOS 11 will soon deliver to fulfill its promise!MacDailyNews, August 21, 2017

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  1. Would like to see the long term research on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and related ailments from reaching up and touching the iPad screen all the time, instead of using the most elegant input device Apple has ever produced, the superb, all-glass trackpad.

      1. More movement causes more stress, but the angles and joints which you’re using are also important. I’m just sharing my personal preference (I think using an iPad over a Macbook is clunky in most instances) but I’d be interested to read if tablet/smartphone use has been studied from an ergonomic perspective.

    1. While the trackpad is large…repetitive movement within a confined HOW you get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I’ve tried shuttle pro and trackpad…went back to mouse.

      On iPad, with authors workflow, you are not sitting there with arms extended constantly tapping a screen.

      The first time I used my pro at a conference…I thought “Jesus, wish I had this in grad school “….it’s perfect for lectures..taking notes, using split screen to look up the articles presenter cites, importing them into notability..then annotating, importing figures into your notes..annotating, etc.

      Like having a notepad and laptop all in one. It’s fantastic.

      1. Fair enough. Maybe I’ll try to borrow an iPad Pro and see what it’s like. Honestly I have my Air connected to a 27″ external display most of the time so mobile computing is not a priority at this point.

  2. I see no reason to make the iPad Pro into a crappy notebook. I’d prefer multiple screens with cut and paste between them. Long form text entry on a notebook form factor and long form reading on the iPad.

    Use the pencil or the mouse for just the right amount of precision in the right situation. The only desktop touch interface should be the ACTUAL desktop with the surface toward the user as in a drafting table.

  3. If typing constthe majority of what you use a computer for, then the Mac is probably the better solution. But for the majority of consumers, the iPad Pro is probably the better option.

  4. I own and iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro Retina and do not see the iPad as a replacement for a Mac personally, but your mileage may vary.

    One thing that drives me crazy is the fact that requesting the desktop site of websites commonly gets you the “mobile” version as soon as it sees iOS despite the fact that the large iPad screen is the same size as a 13″ MacBook Pro. I reserve a special place in hell for mobile optimized websites despite being an agnostic and this is a constant problem.

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