“Ever since Apple added a giant screen, detachable keyboard and Bluetooth stylus to the iPad, the company has wanted us to think of it as a computer—a super computer, in fact, if you believe its advertising tagline,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “But while it might have had the processing power and screen real estate of a MacBook, the iPad Pro was no more a Mac than any other tablet that came before it.”

“But the iPad has taken a big step towards​professional legitimacy,” Simon writes. “With a new model that clearly distinguishes itself from the $329 entry-level model and the transcendent multitasking and navigation features in iOS 11, Apple finally has a tablet strong enough to sit alone on your desk.”

Simon writes, “And that’s bad news for the MacBook Air.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Listen, we want new MacBooks. We’re Mac users. We love Macs. We’ll be getting them (to replace our beloved 11-inch MacBook Airs). But, we won’t need them on the road anymore as soon as iOS 11 is loaded onto our new iPad Pros.

In fact, the new MacBooks might be the last Mac notebooks we ever buy. About that, of course, we’ll be a little sad, but we believe that the iPad is the portable Mac of the future. And, as Mac users, we like to push forward. As always, we have no respect for the status quo.