Apple’s iPad Pro and iOS 11 will finally kill the MacBook Air

“Ever since Apple added a giant screen, detachable keyboard and Bluetooth stylus to the iPad, the company has wanted us to think of it as a computer—a super computer, in fact, if you believe its advertising tagline,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “But while it might have had the processing power and screen real estate of a MacBook, the iPad Pro was no more a Mac than any other tablet that came before it.”

“But the iPad has taken a big step towards​professional legitimacy,” Simon writes. “With a new model that clearly distinguishes itself from the $329 entry-level model and the transcendent multitasking and navigation features in iOS 11, Apple finally has a tablet strong enough to sit alone on your desk.”

Simon writes, “And that’s bad news for the MacBook Air.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Listen, we want new MacBooks. We’re Mac users. We love Macs. We’ll be getting them (to replace our beloved 11-inch MacBook Airs). But, we won’t need them on the road anymore as soon as iOS 11 is loaded onto our new iPad Pros.

In fact, the new MacBooks might be the last Mac notebooks we ever buy. About that, of course, we’ll be a little sad, but we believe that the iPad is the portable Mac of the future. And, as Mac users, we like to push forward. As always, we have no respect for the status quo.


    1. You still need the “truck.” I enjoy my iPad for what it does, but it can’t run the software I rely on either. The iPad, however, can support many other types of business people that don’t require what we do quite well.

  1. Nice job MDN, you’ve scared the natives to death. I just replace my MBA with my iPad Pro, and yes it does print to my Brother Color Laser Printer, and no I don’t waste my time with old Adobe crap. The best part is that my iPad isn’t tied to WiFi like my MBA was, yes I could coax my MBA off WiFi, but it didn’t just work.

    My Mac is for my home/office. It stays securely behind my door. When I venture out into the world, my iPhone and iPad lead the charge.

    If you want to change you can find the way.

  2. Unless if they come out with something that will allow you to connect things to an iPad not everything is doable in a timely manner with dropbox with iCloud cloud storage solutions. People still do require devices to be plugged in such as Thumb drives other storage Storage solutions. Something people would like to use waccom technology for the drawing solutions not just an iPad pencil. There are people still there burn media such as DVDs Blu-rays and someone people still watch those People also like hardcopies of projects. Those are just very very basic limitations of what an iPad can’t do Do you need device drivers that support those things they need the ability to have choice right now you can I burn a project to DVD through an iPad or Blu-ray for that matter. Hate to say it you can do that on a surface pro it’s just the truth that has ports may not have every port needed but there are options available. Apple would have to come out with something like a smart docK One way you could actually have all the devices you want say in your work area athome something that could be considered line portable if need be. Something that you keep your work encrypted and only open up when your devices women proximity and logged in as you something like that will be pretty awesome now that is a technology I could get behind I could be a wireless high-speed transfer interaction because you will be so close to the device it will transfer fast enough in my opinion that’s what apple really needs but lack the vision to actually come out with it. Your cases have a can replace Mac my case as hell can’t these are simple things that you do want to computer very simple things and an iPad cannot do those things. I’m not even talking about iOS 11 I’m over talking about having multitasking limited to three apps or split screen windows and I have switching everybody has their level of control chaos a.k.a. the workflow. There is no wrong or right it’s just how people do the job

    1. Your text is a bit difficult to read with very long sentences, but I think I get your picture.

      The way I see it, Apple continues to do what Steve Jobs started, in that they look at what people do, how they use their devices, and based on that, they determine if functions / features need to stay, or if they need to go. The criteria is often fairly simple: if vast majority of users don’t use something, it is gone in the next iteration of the device. Examples include floppy, SCSI, VGA, DVI, analogue modem, PC card, FireWire, audio in, optical drive, FrontRow remote and many, many others.

      We will see what will happen with the next Mac Pro, but with the evolution of the iPad, Apple is telling us that they believe that the vast majority of computer users of today will be satisfied with the features and functionality of the iPad.

      The people who don’t fall into this category will likely still have a chance to get some sort of a Mac, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even that ends up fading away, as iOS grows in functionality.

  3. Joshua Topolsky, former editor-in-chief of The Verge and Engadget released a few tweets which will attract Apple fanboy suicide bombers in droves..“If you think you can replace you laptop with this setup, you cannot. Imagine a computer, but everything works worse than you expect. That is the new iPad”..
    “I have no doubt it’s a very powerful piece of hardware, and the screen is gorgeous. Garageband is a lot of fun to play with. But this doesn’t COME CLOSE to replacing your laptop, even for simple things you do, like email”..
    He adds that Apple’s keyboard cover is “a f#%! atrocity. A terrible piece of hardware. Awkward to use, poor as a cover. Okay in a pinch if you need something LIKE a keyboard.”..
    “I don’t think it’s a very good product. But guys the iPad has been around forever and it still feels half-assed. I think a lot of people are willing to contort themselves around a bad UX because marketing is powerful.”

    Now that is an absolutely PRICELESS bit of honesty!! Props for being willing to challenge the marketing hype.

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