“Last quarter, Apple’s iPad business — after suffering a long string of declines — returned to growth; unit shipments were up 15% year-over-year and revenue was up 2% year-over-year,” Ashraf Eassa reports for The Motley Fool. “Tt’s an encouraging start.”

“I think that Apple’s iPad business has a real chance of delivering sustained, if rather modest, growth over the long-term, even if the overall tablet market remains weak,” Eassa reports. “Many tablet vendors have cut back their investments in the product category, if not outright exited the market. Additionally, many of the remaining vendors appear locked in a race-to-the-bottom, with the focus being on cost rather than on innovation at higher price points.”

“Unlike its competitors, though, Apple hasn’t taken its foot off the gas in terms of iPad technology innovation,” Eassa reports. “Apple seems to be doubling down on building iPad-specific features into its iOS operating system, rather than redirecting its research and development efforts elsewhere. All this indicates that Apple is thinking about iPad for the long term, rather than about the category in terms of the kind of near-term financial return that it’ll drive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Since its inception, iPad has always been the future of personal computing for the masses, it just really needed what iOS 11 will soon deliver to fulfill its promise!

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