“I’ve been using Apple’s new 10.5-inch iPad Pro for five days now and there is a lot to like about the device,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “When you factor in what’s coming this fall in iOS 11 and the features built specifically for iPad, you have a device that’s more compelling than it’s ever been before.”

“Being able to drag and drop from one app to another is one of the things that made me smile during the keynote. Now when I’m researching an article, I can add links, text, and photos easily without leaving the current app,” Dalrymple writes. “The Dock expands, accommodating more of the apps you choose, as well as your most recently used apps. The new Files app gives you a view of all your documents on multiple cloud services including iCloud, Dropbox, and Box.”

“Being able to have these types of features will make the iPad Pro more attractive to users that want to use it as a work machine, as a complement to their Mac, or perhaps as their only machine,” Dalrymple writes. “The 12-inch is great for working in a fixed location, but isn’t really as mobile as I would like. The 9.7-inch is a great size, but I wanted a bit more screen real estate to work, especially when multitasking with other apps. The 10.5-inch really is the ‘Goldilocks’ of iPads for me. Not too big, not too small, and really powerful in everything it does. I would highly recommend it.”

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