“I’ve always found a lot to love about tablet computers and iPads in particular. Light weight, long battery life, excellent displays, low-cost apps, are all things I like and want,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “But I could never pull the trigger on replacing my MacBook Airs or my newest notebook, a loaded MacBook. Why?”

“My workflow is file-based,” Harris writes. “With iOS 10 or less though, I could not integrate these common – for me – workflows.. [In iOS 11], Files presents as an app with a Folder icon. The app opens with a list of Recents or, if you choose the Browse pane, a list that includes Locations, Favorites, and Tags.”

“I’m planning to get a 10.5-inch iPad Pro with an Apple Smart Keyboard to see if it can replace my MacBook. Yes, the screen is smaller, the battery life no better, and the weight is about the same, but I want to test if the simplicity and ease of use of an iPad offers significant advantages,” Harris writes. “Thanks to the iOS 11 Files app, I’m hopeful it can.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a three-way combination of the Files app, the new Dock (the way it always should have been) and Multi-Touch Drag and Drop that truly, finally makes iPad a viable notebook replacement for many use cases.