2017 is the year of the Mac desktop, and that’s a good thing

“This year, one message you could have easily taken away from Apple’s WWDC keynote is that there’s still plenty of love for not just the Mac platform, but the desktop computer specifically,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “Having just purchased a new iMac of my own, I can personally vouch for it: sometimes, there’s no replacement for a desktop.”

“So why the sudden resurgence of interest in the desktop? The most obvious answer is performance. Without having to engineer to as strict a tolerance as portables (and without having to worry about factors like battery life), you can eke much more horsepower out of a Mac,” Moren writes. “MacBook Pros are perfectly respectable as far as performance goes, and portability is a major benefit for many professionals, but with the new iMacs — and with the promise of the iMac Pro and Mac Pro — Apple seems to finally be prepared to deliver on the idea that you don’t have to compromise performance on the desktop. ”

“Of course,” Moren writes, “that’s not the only obvious answer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We won’t rehash Apple’s lengthy criminal neglect of the Mac desktop, we’ll just look forward to the new iMac Pro, the new, “modular” “Mac Pro,” and macOS High Sierra!

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    1. I just hope you use what you got. If you are like most pickup owners on the road, the extended cab gas guzzler hasn’t a thing in the bed nor any mud on the fenders. And with the super deluxe package, the damn thing costs as much as a mercedes saloon while taking up twice the parking space as necessary.

      This is the big problem with Steve’s oft repeated analogy: Computers Are Not Vehicles. In the computer world, future proofing is a real concern, and buying a high performance Mac has zero impact on those around you. Not so with vehicles.

      The difference between an apple watch, an iPhone, an iPad, a laptop, and a desktop is more analogous to roller skates, bicycle, moped, car, and airplane respectively.

  1. 2018 is the year of the Mac desktop actually since by the time the iMac Pro and new Mac Pro are available it will mostly be in 2018. Making the big assumption here Apple won’t pull that old chestnut of theirs promising in any one year but delivering on Dec 31st and then “deliveries are constrained” or overwhelming pent-up demand won’t let you actually get one for months.

    2018 could see things settle out though at last for a few more years and see far fewer unhappy & disgruntled Apple user faces, including mine.

  2. 2018 will be the year where, once again, Apple pulls away the football as loyal users run up to give it a swift kick.

    Apple’s definition of “Pro” will be rose and gold colors on the same ole “trashcan” design with under-performing, non-upgradeable, proprietary hardware.

    At least that’s what history has shown time and again…

    1. Uh, no. What you’re saying doesn’t comport with Apple has already said, and what they’ve already shown on the iMac Pro. While it can be fun to be cynical, it’s also a way of being misinformed and to misinform.

    1. Named by former Microsoft employees?

      Apple has totally lost what the meaning of Pro is already. Let’s not wish for more thermally constrained sealed non-upgradeable “pro” junk from Apple. Please!!!!!

  3. Checked ou the iMac Pro specs on APple’s site:

    Radeon Pro Vega
    11 teraflops single precision
    22 teraflops half precision
    8GB or 16GB High Bandwidth Memory
    400GB/s memory bandwidth

    Conspicuously absent…double precision numbers. I wonder why….

    Here’s why…

    Stream processors: 4,096
    •Compute units: 64
    •Clock speed: 1382MHz “typical,” 1600MHz peak
    •Single precision floating point performance: 13.1 TFLOPS
    •Double-precision floating point performance: 26.2 TFLOPS
    •Pixel fill rate: 90 gigapixels per second
    •Memory: 16GB HBM2 in two stacks
    •Memory bandwidth: 483GBps
    •TDP: 300 watts (air-cooled), 375W (liquid-cooled)
    •Display outputs: three DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI “4K60”

    The form factor and cooling abilities of the iMac Pro as expected yield performance compromises. Form over function yet again.

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