NVIDIA to release Pascal drivers for macOS

“Buried in their announcement of the NVIDIA Titan Xp, NVIDIA has also made a rather surprising revelation: that they will be releasing macOS drivers for their Pascal architecture GPUs,” Ryan Smith reports for Ars Technica. “This comes despite the fact that Apple hasn’t sold a Mac Pro that can officially accept a PCIe video card in almost half a decade.”

“NVIDIA owns the bulk of the discrete video card market, and at the same time, Apple hasn’t integrated an NVIDIA GPU in some time now; the last NVIDIA-equipped Mac was the 2014 MacBook Pro, which included an NVIDIA Kepler GPU,” Smith reports. “As a result, NVIDIA has been locked out of the Mac video card market entirely for the last couple of years, and consequently makes NVIDIA’s announcement so surprising.”

“So why is NVIDIA releasing a Mac driver to a market that, officially speaking, is essentially dead?” Smith reports. “At best, the official market is the remaining handful of Mac Pro Tower owners… Instead it’s the off-label use that makes this announcement interesting, and indeed gives NVIDIA any reason whatsoever to make a Pascal driver release. Within the Mac community there are small but none the less vocal user groups based around both unsupported external GPUs and not-even-Apple-hardware Hackintoshes.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s ironic that Apple hates Hackintoshes, but it’s the company’s own missteps, hubris, and laziness that fuels the Hackintosh community.

Now, are these NVIDIA Mac drivers going to suck, too?

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  1. Since Apple has messed up the pro community so bad, hackintoshes are really the only way to go at this point if you need serious working power.

    You can already see the hackintosb community growing by leaps and bounds. Do a google search on the various websites and watch how much they are growing especially in the recent months.

  2. I’ve been using the predecessor drivers with a 970-based card in my 5,1 Mac Pro for about 8 months. They support everything the card does, including all acceleration, CUDA, and G-Sync. If the Pascal drivers are similar, they should provide for a great upgrade path for us die-hards and Hackintosh owners.

    The only downside, and one I wish could be addressed somehow, is that you cannot upgrade MacOS versions until a new driver is released, but you can’t upgrade the driver using the built-in control panel until you’ve upgraded your MacOS. This essentially means that you still need an official Apple card in your computer to switch to while upgrading. It can be a cheap GEforce 120, but still needs to work with Apple’s default drivers.

    I hope Apple does recreate something similar to these AL Mac Pro’s. I’ve upgraded mine to a 6-core 3.46 GHz Xeon and a ton of ram, plus the 970 and SSD’s and it’ll run rings around the current Mac Pro at a fraction of the price, plus I can continue to upgrade it (at least for the foreseeable future).

  3. The other day we were reading:
    Methinks, we could be heading for a total rethink on how graphics is done in macOS and iOS.
    Always wondered why GPU processing couldn’t be done directly by the display.

  4. People at barefeats.com are Mac reviewers waiting for this and actively asking Nvidia to develop Pascal drivers.

    They always review new Macs and compare them to 2012 MP. So I guess the 2012 MP owners are the most immediate market for new Nvidia cards. Surely Hackintosh builders will welcome this and finally those with TB 2.0 Macs with decent CPUs wanting to add maybe a 1050-1070 to their Macs using an external box and display.

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