Apple has a repair problem in India, the world’s second largest smartphone market

“If Apple wants to own the smartphone market in India, it has more problems to solve than mere price, if you ask its customers there,” Pranav Dixit reports for BuzzFeed News. “Globally, Apple is renowned for top-notch customer service, but India is another story. Despite Apple’s long-held view that there are “huge opportunities there for us” in India, where it now has just 1% market share, fewer Indians are buying iPhones. And as the company struggles with slowing iPhone sales in China, its third largest market, rampant dissatisfaction with service options in India only complicates Apple’s problems overseas. ”

“Apple does not operate any stores in India, where government regulations stipulate that foreign retailers must get at least 30% of their manufacturing materials from vendors in the country. For Apple customers… the only option is third-party service providers — listed on Apple’s Indian website. There are two kinds: Apple premium resellers (which have large product showrooms) and Apple authorized service providers (smaller stores that may offer only service without a showroom),” Dixit reports. “Customers in India say these outlets often provide terrible service, can take weeks to complete minor repairs, and set their own policies when devices are out of warranty.”

“In the near term, Apple’s partners are preparing to open a number of “flagship” premium reseller stores that will, at the very least, be larger than ones in India today, although it’s not clear if that will smooth out service,” Dixit reports. “As for an actual Apple-owned store in India, the company declined to say when one could arrive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, with Ashish Chowdhary now leading India operations, Apple floundering around in that country will finally come to an end.

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  1. India can in no way produce 30% of the parts needed to make an iPhone. They made the stupid rule, not Apple. This doesn’t seem to be a fixable problem, so Indian consumers will suffer because of their out-to-lunch leaders. Of course, I’m sure most are open to “campaign donations.” Only solution, vote them out.

    1. It seems like a rather non-subtle way of telling Apple to work on a manufacturing supply chain in India to mirror China. Not a bad idea if you consider it allows Apple to be less dependent on China.

  2. With Apple having about a 1% market share in India, I’d think repair problems are the last thing Apple should be concerned about. Apple is rapidly losing market share in two of the biggest smartphone markets, so Apple needs to give up at this point. Those consumers are not going to pay Apple for expensive products. Apple made it that way and nothing can be done about it if Apple sticks to its current business model.

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