Why your company should deploy Apple Watches

“Apple’s is far and away the leading smartwatch brand according to the latest NPD data, so what business opportunity does the device offer to your enterprise?” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“One good example of how these features can be used to realize a business proposition can be seen in the health sector. I’d argue that health insurance firms are at the current cutting-edge of realizing the business opportunity of the device,” Evans writes. “These health-related deployments use a combination of location, activity sensors and Apple’s own Health app to achieve their business outcomes.”

“Apple Watch as a platform offers a range of opportunities for imaginative business model based around its strengths,” Evans writes. “B2C and B2B enterprises should take a moment to consider which elements of their internal business processes and workflow may be enhanced through use of these technologies… What can your business do on the basis of the secured, trusted, personal location, activity and identity services provided by Apple Watch?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart businesses who “arm” their employees with Apple Watch have an advantage over other businesses with less-prouctive, time-wasting, smartphone display-dependent workers.

Plus, it’s easy to justify it as a business expense!

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  1. Amazon and Google are spending huge amounts of money on deep-data infrastructures while Apple wastes its time with AppleWatches. Hardly a winning strategy for such a wealthy company. Almost no one is going to need to depend on owning an AppleWatch which will be nothing compared to Amazon and Google’s 24/7/365 home data-mining approach.

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