Adobe Photoshop on iPad: ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ artist is ready for the revolution

“Lizzie Nichols tells me she’s mildly insulted that painting programs like Procreate get stuffed under ‘Entertainment’ on the iPad App Store,” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld. “I can’t say I blame her. Nichols is one of the visual development artists for Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, which hit theaters late last week and has consistently racked up praise for its art and animation (if not its crass humor).”

“Art is her business—specifically, the painting of environments and props that inform 3D designers how a production should look, along with the painting of characters—and she does it well,” Johnson writes. “She worked on the previous Hotel Transylvania film, and her long list of credits include The Emoji Movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Futurama, along with freelance work for the likes of Disney Television and Cartoon Network. And she does almost all of it with Adobe Photoshop on a Mac Pro with an attached Wacom Cintiq Companion display.”

“Now, for the first time, Nichols is considering making the iPad Pro an essential part of her workflow,” Johnson writes. “‘If the iPad was able to faithfully replicate what it’s like to use Photoshop on my Mac with a Cintiq,’ she says, ‘then I would most likely use the iPad much more than my Cintiq Companion.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We cannot wait to see Adobe’s Photoshop on Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro!

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  1. Not I, except having it available for those who might need it or be able to use it. Photoshop to me is a Mac or PC only affair on a large LARGE screen. Photoshop on iPad might be a mobile convenience but with inevitable compromises as compared to a stationary setup. Still it’s a good trend for the iPad Pro.

    1. “Photoshop to me is a Mac or PC only affair on a large LARGE screen.”

      Totally agree and I’ve posted similar here when the first story appeared.

      Been using PS since debut version 1 and stopped upgrading at CS4 — does all I need and monthly subscription fees, no thanks.

      There is no way I’m going to give up a 27” monitor work area and a bit smaller dual monitor setup to hold tool palettes as well as precision input devices on an ergonomic desk and comfortable chair. Particularly when working on complex files with well over 10 layers during a full day’s work.

      The iPad screen is tiny and multiple tool palettes will greatly decrease the work area if the program is not reworked specifically for the iPad. In addition, can’t imagine after using the pencil on a flat surface you either rest your hand on the glass while you work (not ideal) or in the air and eventually gorilla arm fatigue sets in (not as good as a desk setup). Another biggie is proprietary typefaces each company uses and I have thousands on my pro Mac. So that brings up storage capability and the file sizes of high resolution (600 dpi) images can be HUGE. Lastly, cost one time or subscription?

      That said, I can see it useful for light duty work like image toning (burn, dodge, saturate, etc.) if the palette issue is resolved. Will check it out and keep an open mind.

      In the past I have long advocated for Apple to buy Abode, seems like a logical fit when compared with entertainment initiatives. But with their abysmal, neglectful Pro record under pipeline, nope …

  2. As a 30 year plus Photoshop user it would be fantastic as long as it operates seamlessly with the Mac version. sadly as I am semi retired now its unlikely I will get much use from it but for many graphic designers I can visualise it as potentially an amazing tool, just wish it had come earlier, only been crying out for it with associated iPad tech for about 8 years, but I guess its only now that the chips and software can truly exploit the possibilities.
    The Wacom Cintiq Companion display mentioned seems to be pretty close to providing the sort of interaction I have long sought for my work but not at that price, so an Apple solution via iPad would be the obvious answer for most designers.

    1. Yup. Cintiq drawing tablets are not only very expensive, but the color reproduction is less than wonderful. I, like you, am a retired photoshop artist and miss having iPad as part of workflows.

  3. If you want to know, how this might work – just have a look at Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, both now available on iPad. It’s suprisingly usable, especially for using a pen. Drawing, illustrating on the go is fun. I’m about testing it for retouching works. Most annoying is file handling with desktop computer, but it’s usable with cloud or Airdrop for bigger files. Better and more useful than I’d have thought before using it.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see and try this.
    Adobe has been saying they were going to bring near full Photoshop to the iPad for years.
    Adobe is saying 2019 but not WHEN in 2019.

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