Apple’s killer services business will be a profit monster within 10 years

“While shares of Apple have lagged over the past sessions, Wall Street must remember how lucrative the company’s services business could become within 10 years,” Brian Sozzi writes for TheStreet.

Sozzi writes, “RBC analyst Amit Daryanani estimates the business will represent 30% of Apple’s sales by 2025.”

“Meanwhile, all eyes on Netflix earnings after the close Monday,” Sozzi writes. “Amazon Prime Day could help push shares of Amazon beyond the $1 trillion valuation mark.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Services are an unstoppable juggernaut!

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  1. “Already is more profitable than Amazon and Netflix combined today.”

    And, as a stand-alone unit IS an S&P 500 company today.

    Very few recognize the value of Services (and its annual growth rate) to AAPL.

    1. So sick of the tired and misinformed meme that Apple Services suck. You are completely clueless. Apple Services are fantastic: Mail, iMessage, FaceTime audio and video, Calendars, News, Maps, Reminders, Notes, Find My iPhone, location sharing, Back to my Mac; iCloud Keychain, iCloud Backups, iWork, iCloud storage, shared Desktops and Document folders, Continuity features, AirPods handoff, Apple Pay, HomeKit, iTunes Match, Apple Music streaming, iTunes Movie and TV rentals, Podcasts… You name it, Apple does it, invisibly and reliably.

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