“Apple is known for its quality hardware and software, but services are another story,” Ryan Christoffel writes for MacStories. “Cloud-based services are the future – there’s no denying that. And Apple historically has struggled with its cloud offerings. From MobileMe, to the early growing pains of iCloud, to the Apple Maps fiasco, the company gained a poor reputation in the area of services.”

“Services are a key component of modern Apple. The way the company defines itself, along with the numerous services shoutouts in quarterly earnings calls, prove that,” Christoffel writes. “Despite Apple’s increased focus on services, the common narrative that the company ‘can’t do services’ still hangs around – in online tech circles at least. But is that narrative still true, or has it grown outdated?”

“Apple’s services get a bad rap they generally don’t deserve; the company’s reputation for not doing services well is outdated,” Christoffel writes. “Are things perfect? Of course not. But they’re a lot better than the common narrative says.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: There are Apple Services that we take for granted that Just Work™, like iCloud Tabs, Messages, iCloud Keychain, and Apple Pay and Apple Maps turn-by-turn directions on Apple Watch that are, when you think about it, simply sublime and wholly unmatched by another other hardware/software conglomeration attempting to replicate what Apple has long provided so seamlessly that you hardly even notice how they all benefit your everyday life.

Those who, like us, have Macs, iPhones, iPads, AirPods, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches really understand that what Apple offers is simply unmatched. Those with non-Apple products either can't do what we can do with ease or they struggle mightily to approximate some skimpy subset of what we have at our command at all times, thanks to smartly being all-Apple.

Yes, of course, there are drawbacks*, but the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

*No 4K Apple TV. No Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV. No Street View in Maps. Etc. So, we use other devices/services that are islands unto themselves (which is how we understand how inferior non-Apple tech can be) to accomplish those tasks until they appear in or enter into the Apple ecosystem.