Facebook is lying about your data

“Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress testimony following the Cambridge Analytica breach raised many questions about Facebook users’ privacy,” The Verge reports.

“While the CEO repeatedly stated that users have control over how their data is shared, there’s a good chance you have a Shadow Profile even if you’ve never joined the social media platform,” The Verge reports.

Facebook is lying about your data.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Zuckerberg’s eyes… (shudder).

The eyes are the windows to the soul — or lack thereof.

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  1. ZuckerFck & his minions have NO FCKIN CLUE. They steal, connive, and lie. All claiming THEY ARE THE FUTURE INNOVATORS. Pff..

    One thing FukerBurg is right about…… The tech ignorantie are “Dumb Fcks”

    1. But Wall Street thinks Mark is genius and innovation. At some points FB price was much higher than Apple. If the Cambridge Analytica did not blow the the whistles, the whole world still believe in him.

  2. I found messages in my downloaded record that were supposedly permanently deleted. This is a crime, in my book. If you ask someone, “are you ok if this is permanently deleted” and you still keep it on your servers, that is highly unethical and deceptive, at the very least.

    I am seriously thinking about deleting my account. Seeing this really pissed me off.

    1. The problem that we’re just beginning to realize is that “deleting your account” isn’t actually possible. It’s just a bullshit smokescreen they throw up to make your FEEL like it’s deleted, but they keep tracking and profiling the shit out of you. If “shadow profiles” exist for NON-users, you can be sure that yours doesn’t get deleted.

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