Apple’s iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which one to get?

“For the first time ever, Apple has two new big-screen phones in its lineup, in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus,” Mark Spoonauer writes for Tom’s Guide. “These flagships have some things in common, including the record-setting A11 Bionic processor, dual rear cameras and wireless charging. But there are a lot of differences, too, in terms of design, display and battery life.”

“And let’s not forget the $200 price difference between the iPhone 8 Plus and the more expensive iPhone X,” Spoonauer writes. “So which device is right for you?”

Spoonauer writes, “The iPhone X wins this close contest with a score of 86 to 84, winning four out of eight rounds and tying in one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re Mac users. We always opt for the future vs. the past.

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  1. Uhh go with iPhone X. This isn’t even a question unless your sole evaluation criteria is to “save” $200. Or you’re a hardware review site that does evaluations based on a spec sheet and not a vision of the future of where the puck is headed.

  2. Neither.
    I feel iPhones are waay too expensive/over priced, now, and have turned into status symbol devices for quite awhile now, starting pretty much with the iPhone 7.
    I rather pay the more expensive pricing for an iPad Pro than for a new iPhone 8 or X any day of the week!
    I feel like I get a better value for my hard earned cash for a larger, immenently more useful mobile device than an iPhone.
    I’ll stick to purchasing iPads and iPod Touches and get myself a cheap Android phone or “pay as you go” phone just for cell calls.
    I never go online with my Andoid phones ever.
    I just use my cheap smartphones as a phone.
    I consider myself an iPad user and NOT an iPhone user.

    1. You mean “eminently”. This is a weird, niche use case that doesn’t apply to anyone I know or have ever heard of. So you either never use internet on the go (the entire point of mobile computing) or you carry around an iPad with cellular, odd. I can understand people not wanting to pay $1000, but to virtue signal that iPhones are status symbols and not as useful as iPads, while you’re above it all, is lame.

  3. An LG V30.

    Give me a true wide angle lens (and hi-fi sound) on an iPhone and I’ll reconsider. In fact, I’d love to reconsider. (And no, having to affix an accessory lens every time I want to change perspective won’t work for me.)

    I’m not a pro and not selling my pix, but I love photography, and will settle for some deficits in algorithmic sharpening, low light etc., to get the whole other universe shots having wide angle opens up.

  4. Sticking with my iPhone 6S+ which just came off contract. As the phones become so much more expensive I try to get a minimum of 3 years in before upgrading. Might consider the next gen iPhone X (XS?) as Apple will have worked out the bugs.

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