Mac concept imagines a refreshed mini form factor with built-in Touch Bar and Face ID

“With 3 years now gone by since the last Mac mini update, it’s one of Apple’s long running product lines ripe for a complete overhaul,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“That’s likely why industrial design student Louis Berger’s latest concept envisions a miniature desktop Mac but with a much more modern approach,” Kahn reports. “He’s dubbed the idea ‘Taptop Computer Concept,’ but at its core it’s essentially a new form factor for Mac mini with a built-in Touch Bar and more.”

Kahn reports, “The form factor of the concept notably takes the Mac mini format from a behind or underneath design to something that’s meant to sit in front of the user as a peripheral with the built-in Touch Bar.”

Taptop computer concept by Louis Berger
Taptop computer concept by Louis Berger

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, please!


  1. I feel that Louis Berger is over-thinking it. For many people, the appeal of the mini is precisely because it’s and underneath or behind design. It’s a (relatively ) affordable Mac which lives out of sight.

    1. unnecessarily fragmented. With the power of the Bionic chip, won’t we someday see the phone as the cpu driving the “desktop” as we now know it? It would seem the monitor would need to have an “engine” to share some of the demands to minimize iPh heat overload? Of course, I’m not imagining for power users (yet).

    1. Imagine it as a peripheral, that can connect to any computer or even iOS device, complete with its own hard drive and guest operating system. It can even include new chips, in order to distribute the needs of a power user between the two devices. iPad not powerful engineers ugh for your needs, yet you prefer the form factor? Bring this device along for the ride, and your iPad acts as a companion display, in order to run a full Mac OS environment.

      1. Same comment was made on Reddit … and its not really a bad idea, since the implementation engineering could be as simple as a “headless Macbook” without a battery (i.e., same motherboard, etc).

        From there, my suggestion was to take the “PC in keyboard” idea for the next Mac Pro. Add on a box behind the keyboard with which to have a couple of PCIe card slots, a few 2.5″ SSD bays … and we will end up **Back to the Future** with an Apple ][ case!

    1. as long as a salesman runs apple, innovation and supporting the loyal apple supporters by updating and upgrading equipment and software will be neglected. Just like the idiot who ran microsoft: balmer

  2. It’s nice but to be honest I would say you could put the whole computer into a unit the size of the keyboard and trackpad as the majority of the MacBook internals is battery. Literally making the computer disappear into the peripherals has got to be the most badass way forward. The touch bar can still be integrated.

  3. Make it small, make it sleek, make it funny looking. Just make sure it has an HDMI port and I can tuck it behind my TV. So many cord cutters these days. An internet connection is all that is needed and the little mini has been perfect. I’m getting everything I want with my mini.

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