Why Apple’s ‘What’s a computer’ just demolished Microsoft’s ‘real computer’ worldview

“Yesterday was strange. I opened Twitter and saw a remarkable juxtaposition of story links. In the first, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was characterizing Apple as a ‘luxury goods manufacturer’ and telling reporters on iPads that they ‘need to get a real computer,'” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “In the second, Apple released a new iPad spot asking, ‘What’s a computer?'”

“Nadella doesn’t seem to really know or be able to focus on what Microsoft is post-Windows,” Ritchie writes. “Nadella knocked iPad long after his company shipped a full-on mobile version of Office for iPad — long before making one for its own hardware… And that brings me back to ‘What’s a computer?'”

Ritchie writes, “Here’s what I wrote about it yesterday: ‘It’s exactly what an iPad Pro commercial needs to be — a window into what we can accomplish with a computing appliance that can not only lasts all day but can come with us almost everywhere, for almost everything, throughout the day.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft doesn’t know what’s right or where things are going next. If they did, they wouldn’t have been deposed so thoroughly in mobile and they wouldn’t be facing a existential, yet-so-richly-deserved comeuppance in the enterprise.

Even after all these years and having been shown what to do by Apple, Microsloth still doesn’t understand tablet computing or why they’re being steamrolled into nothingness by Apple’s iPad and iOS.

Microsoft, if you want to maintain any relevance in personal computing going forward, concentrate on making iOS and macOS apps.

A “tablet” with an identity crisis is not the future… If Microsoft were really sure of themselves in Jobsian fashion, they would have devoted all of their efforts to Windows RT/ARM tablets… iPad will continue to offer the only known quantity in the market, the only true “tablet” with any real developer support, and the only one with a massive and vibrant ecosystem (both hardware and software).

Apple’s iPad is the only tablet into which any sane person or business would ever invest their hard-earned money. If your company ever buys Microsoft Surface tablets – either of them, but especially Windows 8 Pro/Intel ones – get your resume ready. You’re stuck at a place that’s prone to making horrendous decisions and is hopelessly mired in the past.

As if they needed it, Microsoft’s “Surface” debacle is even more good news for Apple.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 19, 2012

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    1. Yes, and No.

      MS Word showed up on the DOS version of Microsoft’s OS before it showed up on the Mac. MS Word shipped for the Mac at about the same time as MS Windows shipped (that initial version of MS Windows was really just a skin over DOS). Yes, the windowing version of MS Word showed up on the Mac before it showed up for MS Windows.

      It’s Excel that showed up on the Mac before it showed up any version of Microsoft’s OSes.

        1. Absolutely. I was using Microsoft Word on a Macintosh II for a year before I could get Microsoft Windows 95 for my home computer. It was a long wait after that for anyone to come out with word processor for Windows. The first word processor that was a true Windows program was Ami Pro; it took a long time for “Microsoft Word for Windows” to come out. Microsoft Office also came out on the Mac first.

  1. MS is a software company. Seems they forget that. They should openly acknowledge the iPad’s dominance as a consumer device..and near total dominance in enterprise…and have a goal to make and sell the best software for it. Reverting to Ballerisms is a big mistake. It’s what put them behind to begin with. They lost the tablet war long ago. It’s almost sad to see them deny something so obvious. These two great American companies should be working together.

    1. Ego and a belief they are somehow still relevant is really is their biggest demise at this point. Nobody outside of IT really gives a crap about their products. They won’t disappear but they go the way of IBM. Their current CEO is just another lifer and won’t be able to turn this train wreck around.

  2. Microsoft’s biggest problem is the Windows platform.

    Jobs recognized that a truly modern OS started with a UNIX kernel. BSD Unix is at the heart of MacOS X, iOS, WatchOS and all other variants of MacOS.

    MacOS X has 15 million lines of code that can be stripped down for mobile use. Windows has 55 million lines of code and cannot be stripped down for mobile use.

    The inability to strip the kernel makes features like Apple’s Continuity extremely difficult to deploy. Example: iTunes on my Mac works exactly the same on my Mac as it does on my iPhone and iPad. Changes made on one is cross populated to the others seamlessly.

    You can’t put Windows on a Surface tablet, nor would you want to.Microsoft does not have a multi-platform OS, and that is going to greatly hamper its growth beyond desktops.

    1. Microsoft has Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, and Surface Pro. All run Windows 10 Professional. Windows everywhere is the cornerstone concept of their current product line. Why are you saying that you cannot put Windows on a tablet when they clearly do, as well as others? In fact, I would consider the experience of running Windows across the product lines to be superior to switching between iOS and macOS.

    1. Your zeal to live in a thin client world is misplaced. Apple is growing fat dumb and happy with the iOS business model but guess who owns and operates the servers you don’t see? Microsoft Azure. Amazon Web Services. Google. Basically all of MDN’s sworn lifelong enemies.

  3. Wall Street acknowledges Microsoft is easily far more valuable than Apple is. Everything is about having some cloud business and that’s where all potential growth is at.

    Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft are considered as being far more valuable than Apple will ever be. You’ll never hear Wall Street asking about “what is next” for any of those companies like they’re always asking about Apple. I honestly don’t know why Apple didn’t acquire a cloud business like all those other tech companies did. None of those other companies are shackled to hardware sales numbers like Apple is. There’s no hardware supply chain for analysts to measure and criticize. As far as Wall Street is concerned, Apple appears to be totally screwed with their limited growth iPhone market.

    Whatever Microsoft is doing, they must be doing it well. Microsoft’s share price continues to steadily climb and will likely reach $100 by mid-2018. Institutional ownership percentage is growing much faster than Apple’s. A lot more big investors are betting on Microsoft more than they are Apple.

    1. MS spent 8 BILLION on Skype. They basically threw the money away. Their stock went up. Value is misplaced. Amazon and Google walk a thin line and can be replaced. Hosting servers is not rocket science. It is essential, but can be accomplished by any random new player if they fell. Apple provides an ecosystem that has yet to be fully emulated…and they have enough cash ..real cash..to stay alive for years even if they stopped selling all of their products/services today. MS, Amazon, and Google live paycheck to paycheck.

  4. Apple is a one trick pony – iPhone/iPad. That’s it. And that’s only in North America. Its Mac sales have failed to ever have any material market penetration, neither consumer or enterprise. They are still behind Asus of all companies. iPad sales are dropping like a stone in favour of cheaper and same quality Android and Windows-based tablets with more compelling features and wider selection. Apple’s Cloud presence is vacuous, relying completely on Microsoft and Amazon for it’s backend iTune/Apple Music hosting…not to mention Google and Bing as the brains behind Siri. Apple’s software, save for small children and casual users, have little to offer the 90% of the rest of the world who work and play hard. Schools across Canada have cut their losses on iPads or are in the midst of doing so in favour of Windows-managed devices and cheaper Chromebooks for light duty. If you think the world is trending toward running on Apple, you are incredibly…incredibly naive. Microsoft’s vision and ability to execute over the last 4 years have turned Apple into IBM overnight… come to think of it… How is that Apple/IBM partnership going? Like watching a slow waltz at a senior’s home.

    1. Really? It’s 2017 and you still can’t do basic TCO math?

      For the real world, many people have Macs in their house, including the PC techs I know. They don’t want to bring their troubles home.

      Let’s start, it’s called TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
      It’s like buying a pet. Don’t just focus on the price of the dog at the pet shop. Some breeds require more maintenance like grooming and vet visits, as well as daily feeding. Many costs are hidden until you get them home like incessant barking, difficulty in house breaking, professional training, etc.

      The same is true with computers.
      Research your computer’s 6-year TCO, go online or ask friends, before buying. Better yet, go to your local computer repair center and ask a tech what they would buy.

      TCO – Hardware

      1. Resale value – how many times did you have to buy a whole new computer in the past 6 years? When you did, did you sell the old one at nearly the price of a new one, donate it or throw it out as a loss?

      Compare the cost a new Mac with one 5 years old (Mac Specs, Prices, Answers and Comparison at EveryMac.com, scroll to bottom of specs for current selling price)

      Example: Mac mini “Core 2 Duo” 2.0 (Early 2009) Original $799 Now $450
      Mac mini “Core i5 dual-core (today) Now $499 to $999
      If my math is right, that’s 8 years. How many computers have you bought and paid?

      2. Trips to the IT tech for everything from repairs to software reinstalls. Don’t forget the time wasted calling them and/or the cost driving there.

      3. If you want the Apple quality but need to run MS Windows, Macs are very capable of running MS Windows via built-in “Boot Camp” or through the various emulators that allow you to drag and drop between the various OSs. In fact, many third-party apps allow you to run many different OSs simultaneously. This is great if you still have files from XP you wish to use on Windows 10. Note: You still could get viruses, they attack the OS not the computer.

      TCO – Software (reduced productivity)

      4. Time spent away from your own tasks to maintaining the computer including reboots and reinstalls (apps, drivers, etc.).

      5. Time wasted waiting for the computer because it is much slower than advertised due to running anti-virus apps. (BTW: the Blackmail virus cannot infect a Mac.)

      I’ve NEVER run a virus-checker on any of my Macs. That is going back to the 1980s. (Do you remember Apple’s Performas and System 7?) You can buy virus-checker software for a Mac, but it primarily checks your email to prevent your Mac from being a “carrier” of forwarded infected emails to your MS friends. It’s very rare software to have on a Mac.

      6. Time wasted caused by requiring more tapping or mouse clicks to get to the same function on MS Windows than on Mac OS X.

      For example: How do you set your WIndows 10 to power up after a power outage? …at a certain date & time? Look it up, I’ll wait.

      If you have a Mac, it’s… Apple Menu > System Preferences > Energy Saver > check “Start up automatically after power failure” and/or click on “Schedule…” I count 4 clicks, 2 more to set a specific day of the week & time. You can set an auto sleep day & time, too, while you’re there.

      7. Time wasted looking for the right function, (key combinations) on MS Windows than on Mac OS X simple menus. But, if you can’t break the habit, most key combinations are the same as in PCs, and if that doesn’t work, then the function is very likely in a menu and the key combination is displayed next to it.

      8. Macs have always had a start-up installer helper for owners of a new Mac by asking a few basic questions. Over the past 10 years, it has included a “Migration Assistant” to port over your settings, apps and files from another Mac, and now from MS Windows. It can, also, do it from the Time Machine backup.

      Macs already have the drivers of the popular devices. Most Mac users don’t know what drivers are.

      9. Speaking of the included Time Machine (very intuitive back-up software/function, when it’s active (very easy to do, with external drive connected, 4 clicks), it will use it in the background, silently and invisible to the user. To use it, it is very intuitive; select the file/folder and the date from the past. When necessary, macOS will utilize it’s saved data, silently fixing any file errors.

      10. PCs also have a known “speed slow-down creep” unless you regularly optimize your hard drive. On a Mac, no disk optimization/defragment maintenance is required to improve performance. The Mac OS X maintains its drives at less than 2% fragmented, perpetually optimizing the drive. Zero downtime to perform this task. Most Mac users have no idea what fragmented and optimized drives are.

      There are only 10 reasons listed here because I was tired of listing them; there’s too many.

      In short, Mac users spend much more time doing business, playing games and chatting with others on their apps than doing maintenance on their computer and/or OS. Most IT departments in companies need just 10% of the staff if they have Macs, compared to the requisite IT staff for MS-based computers. I should know, I worked at a PC repair center; Macs rarely came in, about 1 in 10. If they did, it was usually a quick preference setting, a quick “Mac How To” lesson or upgrading an old Mac’s internal hard drive and migrating the data to it.

      No one should have to know what bloatware and viruses are.

    2. Yep how will they ever survive being the number one seller of computing devices in the WORLD! No one is making any money on cloud service. Amazon is a insignificant spec. There revenues and profits are only in the millions.

    3. Nick I’m sure TONS of people agree with You!!!!!!

      like those wonderful folks at the mighty DELL. !
      oops they went into financial difficulties and went private (sold)…

      like the prescient far seeing Ballmer who said no one would buy an iPhone!
      oops after Apple kicked Microsoft sideways Microsoft FIRED HIS ASS , and Windows phone is dead, and Bill Gates sheepishly admits even he does not use a Windows phone….

      like PC engineers at one time number one Apple rival ….
      oops! IBM does not make PCs anymore as that division basically went broke and now they make more money pushing MACS!

      well maybe the mighty COMPAQ computer company
      oops the are gone too!

      and so is Gateway

      Acer, Lenovo, Acer ..
      hmm they all make way less profit than Apple’s Mac division macs take 40% of PC profits in the world
      ( shoot if mac was a separate business — making 7 billion last quarter — it would be around 100 on the Fortune 500)

      talking profits you can’t ask any of the ANDRIOD makers either, as Apple clears near 100% of phone profits in the world
      ie all android, blackberry, etc ADDED together makes less than apple!
      shoot the iphone by itself is more profitable than google or Microsoft!

      top android phone OEM HTC after losing so much quarter after quarter… now sold

      NOKIA can’t agree with you either as they are gone…
      so is Palm (which was supposed to destroy the iPhone)

      Blackberry ….. stock down 90% since iPhone

      shoot Google pays Apple billion or more to be default search on ios…
      yes…. Google pays Apple and not other way around as iPhone users are worth more to advertisers than cheap Android users…

      well maybe the CEO OF SAMSUNG will agree with you nick!
      oops but He’s in JAIL!!….

      hmmm, looks like it’s harder to find folks who can agree with you than I thought!

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