“It looks like iThings are – once again – the apple of Delta’s eye,” Mac OS Ken blogs. “I received two messages from two individuals on Thursday 19 October.”

“The second was more in-depth,” Mac OS Ken explains. “It seemed to be a copy of an email sent to Delta employees.”

Delta to transition to Apple devices for flight crews

Beginning early 2018, Delta will equip its more than 23,000 flight attendants and 14,000 pilots with Apple iPhones and Apple iPad Pros, respectively, as the airline transitions to its next generation of flight crew devices.

The iPhone 7 Plus will replace existing Nokia Lumia 1520 phablets, which flight attendants first began using in 2014, as an in-flight point of sale and onboard customer service tool… For Delta’s pilots, Apple’s iPad Pro will replace the Surface tablets that have been used in the flight deck as an electronic flight bag since 2014.

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MacDailyNews Take: Smirk.

Welcome back to the land of the cognizant, Delta.

When we last covered Delta’s abject stupidity, we wrote:

If Delta is willing to go cheap on tablets for their flight crews, where else are they willing to go cheap?

If desperate Microsoft didn’t simply dump their flop into Delta cockpits for free, they probably paid Delta to take them. There is simply no other reason for Delta to consign their flight crews to years of having to try to use a failed product, a flop of epic proportions. All other competent airlines already use iPads for their EFBs. Even Delta did before this stupid, shortsighted about-face.

Delta management screwed the pooch with aplomb. Talk about a crash and burn! The idiot at Delta who signed off on this deal should be fired. Delta Airlines now just looks cheap and stupid.

Buh-bye, Delta. Unless you wise up, we will never, ever fly your crap outfit again. Hope your sellout was worth it.

Hello, NFL? You’re next!

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