“Delta Airlines has launched its Fly Delta app for iPad that features a ‘Glass Bottom Jet’ option and the ability to connect to social networks while in the air,” Ken Yeung reports for The Next Web. “The company has also released an update to its iPhone app with support for Passbook.”

“With the Fly Delta app for iPad, once in the air and connected to the in-flight WiFi, passengers will be able to enable the “Glass Bottom Jet” feature which will give them the ability to view the ground below them,” Yeung reports. “The app also features maps, social networking tools, and other Internet content.”

“Its iPad app can still be used on the ground as it also includes travel planning tools, destination guides, flight check-in, an interactive trip map, and a ‘What’s Next’ guide to help users navigate from one gate to another,” Yeung reports. “Delta also released an update today for its iPhone app. Available in the Apple App Store in 2011, the Fly Delta app for iPhone is everything you get from the iPad version, except for the ‘Glass Bottom Jet’ feature.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]