Windows Phone’s Black Screen Of Death demands hapless users ‘Insert Installation Disk’

“Microsoft’s Windows operating system is often mocked for its blue screen of death, the dreaded error message that appears on an all-too-often basis when attempting to work the computer too hard,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Android.

“Now it seems the company’s Windows Phone platform has a nasty error message of its own,” Bell reports. “This particular error message, spotted on the HTC 8X, rather hilariously asks you to ‘insert your Windows installation disk’ and ‘repair your computer’ to continue.”

Bell reports, “It’s clearly a basic error message that’s part of the Windows platform, which Microsoft didn’t bother updating for Windows Phone devices.”

Microsoft Windows Phone’s Black Screen Of Death
Microsoft Windows Phone’s Black Screen Of Death

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet more hall-asssed, unfinished Microsoftian crap thrust into the hands of the hopelessly masochistic.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


        1. Boeing uses windows in their enterprise and a lot of their design and test software is on windows but they never tried putting windows on a plane running flight control systems.

          The 787 is running Green Hills Software INTEGRITY 178B OS for flight controls.

          You need a real time kernel with extreme fault tolerance for something like an aircraft.

          I wouldn’t even trust OS X for the job.

  1. … “what keyboard”, anyone remember when attempting to boot a Windows machine without a keyboard attached would result in a “Keyboard not found” (so far, so good) “Press the F1 key to continue” … what?

    1. My 2009 Ford Taurus with Microsoft Sync will frequently decide to not operate the phone dialer correctly. For example, I’d tell it to call my girl friend Kathy at home. It will announce “Multiple numbers found. Use the key pad to select. Press one to dial Kathy at home, press two to dial Kathy at home, press three to dial Kathy at home, press four to dial Kathy.” Note, Kathy has only a cell phone and a home phone. . . and the car has no key pad! Another time Sync may Announce “multiple numbers found. Use the arrow keys to select, and the phone key to dial.” Four problems. (1) There are three sets of “arrow” keys on the car and (2) none of them are on the steering wheel near the Sync controls, so you have to remove your eyes from the road to use them, but (3) you have to remove your eyes from the road anyway to look at the radio dial to see the number displayed to select it, but (4) then it does this when there is only one number to choose from and displays the same number for each step of the arrow key when you figure out which set you are supposed to be using. Oh, did I mention the Microsoft edited Sync manual doesn’t mention which set of keys it’s referring to? Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

  2. As headmaster of this prestigious institution, could I please ask all students to refrain from mooning in the hallway. Hall assed, or should I say “hall asssed” (thats “hall assed” with a snake) is extremely frowned upon.

  3. As much as I LOVE to make fun of Microsoft, I find this one hard to believe. The Windows Phone OS is not directly derived from Windows for PC. So it seems unlikely that this is a leftover standard error message “which Microsoft didn’t bother updating for Windows Phone devices.”

    Probably an image file of the error message from a PC being displayed on the Windows Phone screen, as a prank… 🙂 A pretty good one.

    1. There’s another whole group of required options that jack up the price way beyond buyer expectations. Or maybe they distribute the install disk on an SD card that fits into the SD slot.

  4. Windows failed to start. This is not uncommon, do not be afraid. Please drop this device into the nearest toilet, flush and walk away. If you ever find another device that does work, ring us and tell us what you did because our stuff keeps crashing too.
    – Its about time they updated the message, thought I would give them a hand.

      1. Who’d have thought it? Microsoft as a force in world affairs, stopping conflicts in their tracks. Arm the militias with Windows phones, no communication, end of war. Perfect.

  5. As a longtime Windows user i feel bad for these errors windows just does not have it together anymore just inserted disc reinstall the operating system. Well I guess that doesn’t work anymore still very sad though. It just proves that they seem to of missed the fact of post-PC.

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