Apple delays HomePod release to early 2018

“Apple said on Friday that it’s delaying the launch of its HomePod smart speaker until next year,” Todd Haselton and Sara Salinas report for CNBC.

We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it’s ready for our customers. We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018. — Apple Inc.

“The HomePod was originally announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June,” Haselton and Salinas report. “It’s priced at $349.”

“The HomePod was originally scheduled to ship in December ahead of the holiday shopping season,” Haselton and Salinas report. “Apple did not provide a specific reason for the delayed launch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Unfortunately, this is par for the course at Tim Cook’s Apple.

$268.9 billion in cash on hand. Still can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they only have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget. — MacDailyNews, April 4, 2017

Yes, we want Apple to ship products when they’re ready. We also want them to ship products when they said they were going to ship them and, most especially, not miss Christmas.

Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs

Luckily for Tim Cook, Steve Jobs left him a perpetual profit machine that can absorb pretty much any lackadaisical fsckatude that can be thrown into the spokes.

We can almost see the smiles of the Amazon Echo and Google Home execs from here.

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    1. After the iPhone eXperimental controversy Apple wants to avoid another embarrassment. Perhaps Tim Cook will eschew corporate secrecy and permit public feedback before worldwide release.

  1. Awww bummer, I was really wanting a few of these for Christmas. Oh well. My guess is this has more to do with being able to offer a slightly better version/components in near term vs meeting some arbitrary delivery date. Apple is wanting to deliver something game changing is my hope

  2. WTF MDN – you always say ship when ready and don’t ship a flawed product – but then this comment. get with your consistencies!

    Ship when right! I can wait a couple of months longer!

    1. Yes, yes, that’s all fine and great, ship only when ready, don’t ship beta product…

      But MDN did quote Jobs (“…real artists ship…”). Yes, take the necessary time to get the product right, but taking forever to get it right doesn’t do much good for anyone. This product was shown months ago, and it is a kind of product that does exceptionally well during the holiday season. It would have murdered the competition over the next six weeks, and by missing that window, that competition will rake in billions (with a B), that would have otherwise gone the Apple way.

      I wasn’t in the market for the Home Pod, but as an Apple fan, I find it disappointing.

      1. Right on. Of course we don’t want Apple shipping flawed products, but we also don’t want them announcing products that they fail to ship in the timeframe advertised. Better to not reveal them at all until you are 100% sure it’s ready to go when you say it is. Last year AirPods, this year Homepod, next year I expect the iPhone “X-plus” to be delayed.

    2. and analyze, plan, manage to release consistent with announcements and maximize potential financial punch. Gift giving season was missed again and this was clearly a product that would be at home under the tree. Familiar refrain repeated as the operational genius misses another notable opportunity…”oh well.”

    3. It’s called Apple’s failure to deliver on time as promised and Apple’s failure to capture holiday sales. You do realize that Apple had promised December realease, right? WTF happened? Can you provide any insight why Apple has failed to deliver as promised?

  3. This is incredibly disappointing.

    I was hoping to get one next month so I can take my iPad out of my house instead of having to keep it there as a Home Hub.

    Oh well, I’ll pop the money into my savings account until Apple pull their fingers out…

  4. Well… maybe its better.. keeps the focus on iphones …..
    Let people spend their money on iphone X or iphone 8 And airpods for this holiday.

    And come early next year homepods..

    Spreads things out a bit…..

    At the end they will sell all they make …

          1. Ah, you made a fake new word and running around MDN giddy with fake instant avatar variations. Wow, you must be so proud of yourself because you know all about being a “Khunt” in many forms …

  5. It’s also typical of MDM that they promise to get the stock ticker fixed “soon” and then it just disappears.

    It’s orders of magnitude easier to fix a website stock ticker than bring to fruition a new, very complex tech product. Not to mention that this product has extremely sophisticated technology for a device so relatively inexpensive.

    Those who live in glass houses…

    1. When we have $268.9 billion in cash on hand and 123,000 employees, we’ll be sure to get that stock ticker back up there for ya lickety-split.

      In the meantime, the AAPL quote is below every article and has been since shortly after the stock ticker data source pulled their feed without notice, blindsiding and affecting untold number of websites across the web. We do not have a developer on standby. We have to wait for an opening in the schedule.

      We continue to work on securing a new source of quote data and/or moving the current TradingView or similar ticker to the old position on each page. The error message atop each page has been removed while we work on the issue.

      Thank you for your patience, those of you who have patience.

  6. MDN, settle down. It will be here and be right when it is here. I’m dying to get several of these, but I want them to not be in Beta when released (see Alphabet, Samsung, Microsoft, etc). I also think you should not cite Tim Cook in the same piece with 269.8 billion in reserves, since he’s the one who put most of it there. (I know that these were Steve Jobs plans, but he has faithfully carried these out and most of the time you seem to be pretty happy with them).

  7. I would rather have it right. Ship when ready. The revenue generated for Christmas will make little difference. The revenue in the first calendar (Apple’s 2nd fiscal) quarter might be helpful, but will still be small.

    1. I would rather have it right, as well fanboy. But how about EARLY, too much to ask I know, $268.9 billion in cash on hand just DOES NOT get it done. How about, at the very LEAST — ON FRIGGIN’ TIME!

        1. Another instant avatar in the last few hours, at least six so far.

          Listen up immature MDN regular hiding under a fake avatar, you did not address, agree or disagree, with ANYTHING in my post.

          You have chosen instead to be an anonymous hit and run insult artist and an immature “Khunt.”

          Your kind is not allowed — get off my lawn …

  8. Again in the Cook world of Apple, ship late, miss Christmas, when expendable cash is at its highest…then complain when the street marks you down because you missed the mark.

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